Wyze Cam Outdoor - Battery life - Troubleshoot with WYZE

My Wyze Cam Outdoor has been great since I set it up.
However, in the last 3 days or so the battery is dead in a few hours.

I bring it back in, charge it to 100%, set it back up outside and by the evening the camera is dead yet again.

There is not that much foot traffic outside of my home to be draining it this fast.
Is anybody else experiencing battery failure like this?

Do you have a Micro SD card on hand ? if so, can you insert a card in the camera, and then do a full charge, and let battery drop. The log on the card will be helpful for us to troubleshoot the issue.

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I’m having the same issue with my outdoor cam. I’m using it indoors and have not alter any of my settings, nor any extra motion. Just all of a sudden the battery will not hold a charge for more than 24 hours. I just put in a ticket to support via email.

Sure thing. I have it charging up currently.
When it is fully charged I will place it on its mount again and will let it proceed to drain.
Is there anything specfic I need to do when submitting?

Thank you, on the card, there should be a folder with name “log”. if you could DM me the file, then we can take a look.

Another quick check visual check is - if the LED light at the back of the camera turn off, when there is no motion in front of the camera.

Hi all, I’m sorry about the battery drop problem. we found an issue in the latest firmware that may cause the camera doesn’t go back to sleep properly after triggering a motion event. We’re currently working on a hotfix firmware that’s planned for beta testing this week. If no blocking issues are found, we’ll push it to the public asap.


There is (or sure as heck seems like it) a serious bug in the latest firmware that came out a bit ago for WCO. I got about 3-4 weeks battery in a low-traffic hallway and when I went to recharge after the firmware update it was dying in a day or two at most. Thought it was a fluke so recharged…same thing. Repeat twice, same result. Then I saw they actually built the ability to revert to previous firmware versions right into the app (you can even go back multiple!!!), I went back to the previous, charger 'er up, and BAM…back to what seems like long battery life again.

As a total aside: I hate the font this forum uses (is it the “wyze font”? The exclamation points !!! look exactly like the lowercase letter el lllll until you zoom is SUPER HUGE. Ugh. At least the el isn’t the same as the numeral “one”. Why people design, and choose, fonts that have inherent readability issues is beyond me.

Sorry for the non-sequitur.

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Bad firmware update… reverting fixed it for me too.

I’m having the same battery issue on my WOC. I received a 20% warning last night and less than 30 minutes later a 10% warning…then DEAD.

I would love to roll back to previous firmware. Having trouble finding that option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Any tips on where to find the firmware revert option?


In the app, select the cam then:

Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version

Then select the “Having Problems” and it will give you the option to revert.

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Brilliant, thanks! (Turns out I needed to upgrade the app to see the ‘Having problems?’ option. :roll_eyes:)

It also doesn’t seem to show on all devices yet, for instance it doesn’t show as an option on the v3 cams.

You guys need to do a better job testing. The last thing we want to do is deal with this problem when it is below zero outside. Your timing really couldn’t have been much worse!

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Connected to the base I’m getting about 7-10 days before I need to recharge. In travel mode I get less than 12 hours. To test the battery I fully charged it, aimed the camera at a blank wall and turned off IR. In about 8 hours it went from 97% to 30%. I turned the power switch off and in the morning when I turned it back on it had dropped another 8% to 22%.

Really is an issue.
1 degree here, Camera is sitting on the top of a 15 foot post.
Ladders at 15 feet are no fun!

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Wow 1 degree above zero F; how did you get to be so lucky? Yesterday here in Saint Paul, MN our high was -3F. I’m hoping for an even 0F today for the afternoon high. :slight_smile: I think this deep freeze is supposed to last for another week. I’m hopeful that yesterday was the worst of it.

15’ up on a ladder is bad enough in nice weather, then add in this crazy cold and it’s straight up dangerous. Be careful and hopefully you have a helper to ensure the ladder doesn’t slip on ice!

Hi all, apologies for all the issues and inconvenience we caused. Over the weekend, we have been working on a firmware fix to resolve the battery drain issue and will release it to beta testing today. The version number is Internally we will go through a correction of error process to prevent things like this from happening again.


It’s a known issue. Revert the firmware as explained in the threads and it will be fine. Then upgrade again when the patched version is released.