Wyze Cam Outdoor - Base Station should be sold separately

My base station for my Wyze cam outdoor cameras has failed and is out of warranty - so I was told there is nothing Wyze can do for me. Unfortunately there is no way to purchase just the base station without an additional outdoor camera - I believe Wyze should make the base station available for sale by itself as a replacement! I don’t need another outdoor camera and now my outdoor cameras cannot be used!

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I have the reverse situation - I want to buy another outdoor cam but I can only buy one with another base station? When the base station can handle multiple cams? This one should be easy to solve.


amazon has cam only but just a bit cheaper than the kit.

Yes, Wyze also sells the outdoor camera alone, but not the base unit. My base unit has failed and will no longer connect to my router - I don’t need another outdoor camera, but that is the only way I can get another base unit. Unfortunately I had to turn to eBay to buy one used. Wyze should allow us to buy just the base unit by. itself

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I have the same problem, I want another camera as I have room on the base station for three more. Wrote WYZE asking about this and some genius said, ‘We have what you want, a camera and a base station’. Too bad the responder didn’t read my questions which was, ‘Can I buy a wireless camera for my base station like the one that came with the set?’

I totally agree - the base and cameras should be sold separately. I believe the camera was sold separately at one time as I bought an extra outdoor camera last year, but don’t see that option anymore. Also, an update on my base unit, I kept playing with it and finally got it to take the firmware update and it is now working again. The flashing blue light and refusal to connect to my router was apparently an issue with the previous firmware.

I agree with everything said. It is senseless not to sell the base stations. Wyze srill get paid for them. Without being too unkind to WYZE there can only be one reason for the policy.