Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 12/21/2020

I’m currently running the same beta version android app as you but I got the base set up via wifi on an older alpha app release. I haven’t tried changing the wifi settings from the current beta app so not sure if anything changed between the alpha app I used and the current beta.

Possibly, I will monitor and try more along the way. But thanks for the information and have a great holiday.

I will send a notification if I get it working.

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Still, my issue persists. Ever since purchasing the Wyze Cam Outdoor I have been unable to update the firmware through the Wyze app. I am running the latest Wyze beta app, have upgraded the firmware for the base station, and still the cam firmware does not update. The only time I have been able to successfully update it was doing so manually via the Micro SD card.

I have uploaded yet another set of log files. Ticket ID 86165.

Still hoping base station channel can be changed in future firmware. I need this to order additional cameras and base stations.

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