Wyze Cam Outdoor: 3 weeks battery life

I also had a issue with the Outdoor cam. After 2 weeks the cam was drained. I had charged the Cam on there charger and it would Never charge (just a blinking red light). I also Opened a case and after 4 day’s not hearing anything…I tossed the Cam into the Garbage . For now on I will buy thru Amazon since the return policy is very good. I am not spending hours with support.

So my “0%” cams are still alive and sending notifications. I can even check the live feed without issue. Seems like it’s a glitch in the remaining percentage, not actually an issue with the battery capacity.

I’ve had a WCO totally shut down after reaching 0%. I have also seen weird readings, where the say something like 80% shortly after recharging, then return to 97%. Or stuck for over a day at 91% then drop to 81% the next time I check after hearing a noise outside.

The battery level is an estimate. For whatever reason, there is regular latency between updates.

I’m about 99% sure it’s a base issue. My cameras run great for about 1-2 weeks and then both take a nose dive at the same time and die off from about 60-70% to 0% in about 24 hrs.

I’ve tried charging the cameras right away and the drain would be consistent.

I tried unplugging the base when the two cameras were charging and that unplug reset the base and whatever gremlin was plaguing it. The cameras drained at a normal rate until I’d have to start the 2-3 week cycle over again when the base drain came back.

Not sure what the base is doing but it seems like a firmware update could address it.