Wyze Cam Outdoor: 3 weeks battery life

I wouldn’t think so but I will let another member answer that as I have read here about the V3 not having a real long range. Mine is less than 20 feet away so I have had no issues. Or you could did around the forum and see if you could find the range comments.

Thank you! Appreciated.

There is something in place to prevent continuous charging.

Shortly after reaching 100%, the battery will be cut off from continuous charging. This is based on my experience.

Isaiah - So after reaching 100% and battery is cut off, it will be using power from the electrical outlet 100%?

The battery is never cut off. The recharge is cut off. The WCO only runs off of the battery. I left it plugged in for several days. The battery hit 100%, and stayed there for about 12 hours. Several days later I checked, the battery was below 90%.

I left it hooked up until below 80%, then stopped by experiment.

Understood. Thank you!

Antonius, I just ordered my WCO. Do you just plug it into a USB port to charge it? How long does it typically take to charge?

Sorry for the late reply I have had issues logging into the forum all day. Yes I use the supplied power cable and power adapter and plug it into the USB port and the power adapter into any house outlet. If you did not get the power adapter you can plug the cam into the USB port on the side of the base. I usually charge the cams when at 50 % in about 1.5 hours. I charged one the other day that was at 45% and it took about 2 hours. I think if the battery is really low like 0-20% it will take about 4 hours or so.

You plug the USB to micro cable into the camera. You can use the provided cable, using the base station if you want. I have used other charging cables I own, via wall plug adapters, USB hubs, and even a portable power bank