Wyze Cam on computers

I have been very interested in monitoring my cameras (five of them) on my computers. So far the only way I have been able to do that is with a cell phone emulator.

Unfortunately for me, my company does not allow the emulator on my work computer. I travel quite a bit. It would be nice to view cameras on a larger screen - ie laptop.

Let us know if something like this is in the works or maybe already there. I possibly haven’t seen anything.

Kevin H

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RTSP in the future would integrate with a multitude of things. To vote, please go to this topic.


Thanks for the glimmer of hope. It can’t come too soon.


It will come, just be patient. :slight_smile:

Look what they have accomplished so far.

I use TinyCam Pro running on an nVidia Shield but will run on an old cell phone or tablet. It is more stable on the Shield, for me.
TinyCam will pick up the Wyze cam feed and broadcast it to the Internet.
You can view your cameras using a regular browser. You can’t interact with the cameras, just view.

There’s lots of info on setting this up.

Here’s where you can add your vote for browser support:

Just wondering if there has been an update? I was able to viewon my laptop through BlueStacks for awhile, but now I am having issues with it.

The only information I have would be learned by following the #roadmap topic above.

You can view your cams on a PC today using RTSP firmware and VLC:

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