Wyze Cam on a Birdfeeder

Some chipping sparrows stopped by the feeder today. The chickadee tried to chase them away, but they came back and got a full meal.

Chipping Sparrows

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The male is almost done with his molt. I wonder if this cooler than average spring slowed the molt down? We are one week away from June and he still hasn’t put on his full summer colors.

American Goldfinches

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House finches stopped by this morning.
House Finches

-NEW - 06/18/2022:
Everyone must be super busy and not able to find time to post birds at their feeder? I am starting to feel guilty about being the only one posting in this thread as of late. Looking forward to seeing your feeders when the time permits.

House and Goldfinches - Two clips combined into one

-NEW - 06/23/2022:
Chickadees sure do look different in the summer than they do the rest of the year.
Chickadee hams it up near the end