Wyze Cam on a Birdfeeder

It’s kind of neat to think that my birdfeeder is already having an impact on multiple generations of birds. While posting that last video several birds decided to drop in. This is one of the most busy times at my birdfeeder ever caught on camera. Its cool to see multiple species feasting at the same time. Although the chickadees are not fans of the nuthatch. The nuthatch had to grab and go!

Cardinal Chickadees Nuthatch Finch

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I think that’s the nature of the Nuthatch, though. Grab n go, grab n go. That’s what they do at mine, too, even without other birds there. Sometimes they’ll hang around longer.

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Yes, unlike the Goldfinches that act like little piggies that sit and eat until they are satiated.

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I think that might be a trait that all finches have in common? I’ve noticed they all seem to feed longer than any other species of bird. I also agree with @AnnWithAPlan that Nuthatches mostly grab-n-go. The bird that has been at my feeder the longest in one sitting is a Chickadee. However, that bird was sheltering from a nasty storm.

A couple of Cardinals made an appearance this morning. The female continues to startle easily and clearly scared herself off with her own reflection in this clip.


You know what, I think you’re right. They do seem to be overeaters. This couple is getting nice and plump.

Plump Goldfinches

After further review, they are definitely House Finches. Always happy to see a Dad taking an active role to ensure his offspring is birdly enough to eat at weird feeders.

House Finches

I want to see some squirrels spinning around on the birdfeeder. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the first place I’ve lived where the squirrels :chipmunk: don’t bother the bird feeders. They seem to prefer the acorns from the tree next to the feeders, and mushrooms in the yard.

I said this is not a bird bath :anguished: :raccoon: At least it didn’t jump in.


I filled my feeder up with fresh seed yesterday around brunch time. A Cardinal flew in for a meal later in the day, close to sunset. I thought it was comical when a Goldfinch flew in and was surprised to see the Cardinal. The Goldfinch flew off just as fast as it had arrived.

Cardinal and Goldfinch

Who doesn’t like a woodpecker?
Chickadees and woodpecker

Yet another Goldfinch flew in for breakfast. They are definitely big eaters. This guy gets startled about half way through the video, flutters around for a bit, then finishes his meal.

Startled Goldfinch