Wyze cam - No sound on push alert

I’ve got the Wyze sound icon on, as well as on in iPhone settings but get no sound alert when motion is detected.

go into settings for the individual camera in question and make sure you have push notifications enabled.

I went into settings for each camera and see push is enabled. I also set the volume at 100% but get no notification sound when motion is detected. Also have sound enabled in iPhone settings for text and for Wyze device. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

can you screen shot your detection settings? are you getting recordings?

It’s the sound when you get the alert on your phone you are wondering about? Or the audio in the alert clip?

Do you get notification sounds when you get texts or notifications from other apps?

I think I finally got it fixed. I went into my iphone’s settings for Wyze and turned off the sound icon. Looks like that fixed it.


I just installed my cameras yesterday. Push notifications are on and I moved the sensitivity level up to 100%. Still no alerts to my phone.

I had the same problem and solved it by going to ‘settings’ on my phone, then went to wyze and turned on its sound notification.