Wyze Cam motion triggers video activation on Alexa Show


I would love to use my Wyze Cam V2 as a Video Door bell in combination with My Amazon Echo Show (Echo with a screen).

Right now it’s possible to show a Wyze Cam live video on a Echo Show just by installing the Wyze Skill on the Echo and telling it “Show my camera [Name]” but only on demand. My idea is to have it automatically when motion or sound is detected by the camera or by the independent Wyze motion sensor (when someone is at the door).

For that, I image the Wyze Cam motion detection function triggering an instruction to the Echo so it shows the live video, which also activates and plays the sound.

Would be great to stop showing the video when no motion is detected anymore or after a few minutes.


I don’t remember if the Echo Show runs on Android or not, but if it does, and you can install or sideload apps on it, you might try TinyCam.

I believe that TinyCam has a mode that will bring it to the foreground when motion detection (it’s own motion detection) is triggered.

Hi, thanks for your advise.

Echos work on skills. And there is no TinyCam Skill.