Wyze Cam motion triggers Alexa routine (eg. display camera on Echo Show)

From all of those who reached out to me, I believe that Alexa can only be triggered by person detection if you are located in the US. For the rest of us who cannot get it to work, here is an easy tutorial to connect Voice Monkey + IFTTT + Alexa. It will take a few minutes to learn it but once you do, it will be smooth sailing:

Once you get that to work, you can even use a spare Wyze plug + sensors to warn you about your garage or freezer door being left opened for too long: https://www.ads-links.com/how-to-use-a-wyze-sensor-to-trigger-an-alexa-routine-to-remind-yourself-that-your-garage-door-has-been-left-opened/

Good luck @ClayL and @lhntx00

After much hair pulling, reading and reading the gibberish instructions, and finally out side help I was able to get the motion trigger virtual button setup and working…but… I finally had to disable it because EVERYTHING - sunshine, moving leaves, rain, flying bugs in infrared light, etc etc etc trigger motion even when motion detection is only setup for specific boundaries. What I want is a trigger for HUMAN motion only.

There is a delay on person detected by Wyse camera before it can trigger my Alexa Show8 with a regular routine.

Right now the Wyze Cam alexa skill only works on Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire TV. It’s compatible with all generations of Fire TV, all Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Fire Tablets Gen 7 and above.

People can use IFTTT to have motion detected by a Wyze Cam trigger a routine or action (e.g. when motion is triggered on any camera, then turn on lights 1, 2, and 3). Wyze should support the home automation market for ANY alexa device. It is not just about displaying the camera events/feeds on a device. We need the ability to use motion/sound from a Wyze Cam trigger actions/sequences/events on other devices connected via Alexa.

As Alexa has now purchased Eero and the Eero devices come with Zigbee hubs, there are even more oportunity for more automations in the future. Without this ability, those of us taking the big leaps (or even minor security steps) into home automation will have to look at other camera systems. Simply having Wyze Sense as a separate device is NOT the answer. That is a great option but as the cameras have motion detection built into them, not having this option/integration built out feels like a push from the company to buy additional hardware instead of enhancing the existing cloud software.

It works with my Echo Show8 with a delay . The mailman is already gone by time Echo Show8 displays the mail delivery. I wish somebody has a solution to speed up the trigger activations.


I want to add that my Wyse V2 camera also announced Person Detection when the car headlights shines on my camera, again with a delay less than 30 seconds.


There should be an alexa trigger for motion so a routine can be created for Alexa to announce motion. Apparently there is one for person detection but without that service the trigger is useless for other detected motion.

According to Wyze’s help documents, the triggers only work for the Alexa devices with a screen, not the regular Echo dots. Also, if “person detection” is required, then that forces people to pay for the subscription service which is okay if they want to have a trigger for “person detection” but there should be a general trigger for any motion detected for people that invested (or will invest) in buying a Wyze Cam. Without a motion trigger being available to anyone that buys a camera, we might as well go with the more polished camera/software/apps of other vendors for those of us entering into home automation.

Wyze says that the Alex skill and other integrations work with “Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire TV”. My request is that Wyze extends that functionality to work with ALL Alexa devices and home automation hubs poweredb by Zigbee (e.g. Alexa Echo Dot, Eero Pro 6, etc). This is needed to be able to say turn on a light when motion is detected by a Wyze Cam.

I pay for the extra service and there is no trigger for person detections, only movement. I also have issue withe the home/away triggers not working for groups, so when I come home I can only turn off a single interior cam, not all my interior cams that are grouped.

Please add the sound toggle option to the Amazon Wyze app for the Amazon echo show 10, the only available button is the Mute Microphone/hold to speak but I can’t hear anything coming from the camera.

Also for the same integration app with the WyzePan camera I am not able pan the camera while using it on the Amazon echo show 10

thanks,can you elaborate how to do it to a Newbie

please show this newbie step by step

Agreed. I found voice money incredibly confusing. It seems to make a lot of assumptions about the user’s tech abilities, and I’m not afraid of tech at all but this had me stumped.