Wyze Cam motion triggers Alexa routine (eg. display camera on Echo Show)

Ability to set pan cam routines in Alexa, like turn on when leaving home and turn off when returning using geofencing.

That already exists via IFTT “turn on/off camera when I’m home/away” but for only one cam, no groups. I’ve been using This for months. Use add rule on wyze app as part of it

Need alexa wyze routine that will start streaming from wyze can on show when motion is detected. Without this, wyze cams has very limited use.

I would like that feature as well. Right now I rely on a notification to my phone.

It can be currently done in the USA only.

  1. Create a routine when xxxxxxx camera detects a person.
  2. Then add action by selecting Custom at the bottom of the list and type show the xxxxxxx camera.
  3. Select which Echo Show to view it on.

Thank you Jerry, it works!!! However, it’s slow on loading (starting). Is there anyway to make is fast or. Show camera stream immediately as soon as motion is detected.

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I don’t know of any. It says OK then opens the Wyze camera.
It seems to lag a few seconds from real time.
I’d recommend trial and error with the custom action.
I use it for different things with my Blink cameras that aren’t otherwise available in routines by that method.

Thank you.

Wyse Camera person detection has delayed input to Alexa routine.


If alexa show routine delay is fixed then Wyze can can be used for security. Without this fix Wyze can has very limited use.

this is now easy to implement.

Alexa routines now allow Custom commands, so i simply trigger based on person/motion as normal, then use the custom command to launch cam view in whatever echo device/ firestick i wish.


when family room cam detects person

shownme family room cam on Kitchen Echo.

Yes, it is easy to set this rotine up. That’s a good development in right direction. It still needs quick start up and realtime streaming. It can’t be used for home security due to long start up time, and delayed streaming.

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There’s a delay from the camera, the bridge sensors are faster.


I’ll cannot get this to work because there is no option for wyze cam person detection trigger on the amazon routines. I had something similar working previously using virtual buttons, but I disabled it because it only worked with movement so it drove me nuts going off all the time. I’m in the US

I was going to go get a Echo Show 5 for this but it sounds like it has a big lag.
But is it any slower than pulling the phone out and opening the app?

motion activated automatic displaying of camera video images to Alexa echo show device

I was able to get my Alexa (Echo) to display my Wyse camera whenever motion is detected. And it wasn’t very difficult.
I used IFTT, and Virtual Buttons from Patreon.com.

First I created a Patreon account and went to Virtual Buttons. A free account gives you one virtual button but additional ones are very inexpensive.
I created the free virtual button called Virtual Button 01. I then received an email with my virtual button 01 access URL.
Then I went to IFTT and linked my Wyse account.
I created an IFTT saying when motion detected on Garage Cam press Virtual Button 01 (pasted in the URL for this).
Then I created a two step routine on my Alexa saying When Virtual Button 01 is pressed Say “Motion Detected on Garage Cam” And Show Garage Cam.

That’s all there was to it. The only very minor down side is Alexa responding OK to the Show command.

It was a lot easier than it sounds. And IFTT gives you a lot of options to use to trigger the press.

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@donpreston … just so you know, Voice Monkey although a little more advanced to set-up allows you to do the same thing as Virtual Buttons but is free and doesn’t charge for extra buttons (or monkeys in this case :slight_smile:


I just joined Voice Monkey and used it to activate my living room Show when a Wyze cam directs motion. It was incredibly easy to use Voice Monkey. That is the way software should be written. It did everything up to point of creating the routine. The only problem is that testing the routine in the Alexa app works but it doesn’t work when the cam detects motion. Hopefully I can figure that out,

I could never figure out how to use voicemonkey, and I was a computers systems analyst and mainframe programmer back in the day. The quickstart guide does not help at all. Too many assumptions made about the user’s knowledge level. Too many acronyms with no explanation of what they mean or do. Too many error codes with no explanation of what is wrong or how to fix it. To many “just plug in the URL” with no explanation of where to even find the URL or what URL is even being discussed. Ex: “the endpoint URL depends on the region where you signed up to Voice Monkey. Sign in to visit the ‘URL Generator’ to find your endpoint.” OK… for starters, what in the heck is an endpoint? I also was unable to figure out how to do this using IFTTT. I have multiple smart plugs, smart bulbs, amazon dots, echos and shows. I have seven wyze cams setup in groups that detect people. I have automated amazon routines setup. But I cannot figure out how to do this “simple” thing of displaying a human triggering my cam on my amazon display device automatically (I can do it manually by voice).

Here is another perplexing example in the instructions:

As part of an announcement, you can send a URL to an image which will then be displayed on an Alexa device with a screen e.g. Echo Show.

Simply add the full URL of the image to the “image” parameter in the API URL.

OKay… where in the heck is the “full URL of the image” that I am “simply” supposed to add even found??? No explanation. Is this URL somewhere in Wyze? Alexa? I have no clue where to find this.