Wyze Cam motion triggers Alexa routine (eg. display camera on Echo Show)

Can you explain how to make the motion work with IFTT to turn on the camera on my tv.? I have a fire stick with Alexa.

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Ability to set pan cam routines in Alexa, like turn on when leaving home and turn off when returning using geofencing.

That already exists via IFTT “turn on/off camera when I’m home/away” but for only one cam, no groups. I’ve been using This for months. Use add rule on wyze app as part of it

Need alexa wyze routine that will start streaming from wyze can on show when motion is detected. Without this, wyze cams has very limited use.

I would like that feature as well. Right now I rely on a notification to my phone.

It can be currently done in the USA only.

  1. Create a routine when xxxxxxx camera detects a person.
  2. Then add action by selecting Custom at the bottom of the list and type show the xxxxxxx camera.
  3. Select which Echo Show to view it on.

Thank you Jerry, it works!!! However, it’s slow on loading (starting). Is there anyway to make is fast or. Show camera stream immediately as soon as motion is detected.

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I don’t know of any. It says OK then opens the Wyze camera.
It seems to lag a few seconds from real time.
I’d recommend trial and error with the custom action.
I use it for different things with my Blink cameras that aren’t otherwise available in routines by that method.

Thank you.

Wyse Camera person detection has delayed input to Alexa routine.


If alexa show routine delay is fixed then Wyze can can be used for security. Without this fix Wyze can has very limited use.

this is now easy to implement.

Alexa routines now allow Custom commands, so i simply trigger based on person/motion as normal, then use the custom command to launch cam view in whatever echo device/ firestick i wish.


when family room cam detects person

shownme family room cam on Kitchen Echo.

Yes, it is easy to set this rotine up. That’s a good development in right direction. It still needs quick start up and realtime streaming. It can’t be used for home security due to long start up time, and delayed streaming.

There’s a delay from the camera, the bridge sensors are faster.


I’ll cannot get this to work because there is no option for wyze cam person detection trigger on the amazon routines. I had something similar working previously using virtual buttons, but I disabled it because it only worked with movement so it drove me nuts going off all the time. I’m in the US