Wyze Cam motion triggers Alexa routine (eg. display camera on Echo Show)

Thought it was worth mentioning in this thread a free new skill to enable Alexa routines to be triggered remotely:


You can connect IFTTT to Voice Monkey using a webhook which will then trigger an Alexa routine that you may have set-up or even push an announcement of your choice to a specific Alexa device.

Exactly, what to do to tell Echo Show 8 to show Wyse camera feed.


To Voicemonkey, I want to view my Wyse camera feed from my EchoShow from an Alexa routine triggers.


When connected to Alexa, I would like to have Alexa announce if there is any motion detected.

This #wishlist topic, if implemented, would allow you to use Alexa Routines to announce when a camera detects motion. For Wyze motion sensor detections, this is already possible.

Heyberyen, it can announce on my Echo that motion is detected, I want it to display on my EchoShow. Presently my other EchoDot nearby announce to EchoShow to show Wyse Camera display. It does not always work, especially when the TV or radio volume is high.


I concur, having Alexa automatically display the camera that has sensed motion would be a huge feature!! Ring is able to do this, so the Alexa API is capable of this, so this is definitely possible!

The new outdoor cam is recognized as a motion sensor and triggers motion announcements with no outside intermediary systems needed, so Wyze obviously knows how to achieve this. This would seem to indicate a limit on the prior firmware/hardware on the prior wyze cams.

Same here.Need that feature.

Looks like quite a few users want camera motion triggers to initiate an announcement on Echo devices. Here is a free solution and it works perfectly.

I want this to work so bad, and I actually signed up for Voice monkey weeks ago - but I personally find it frustratingly difficult to figure this process out. The instructions that are attached are also vauge and incomplete, and seem to make many assumptions.

I logon to voice monkey on my PC. the instructions say to select manage monkeys > create a monkey. This is the first issue, in that there is no “create a monkey” option. There is “add, edit, delete” so is that the same thing? I have to assume yes. Does one then enter a name in monkey 1 field? The instructions don’t say. I have to assume so and I enter “wyze cam person” . Do I then click “save monkey”??? I again have to assume yes. The next screen comes up so I click “generate url”. What then??? Alexa does not announce anything. If I select “open url” under generated URL I get another screen with and error message {“error”:“Unable to refresh Alexa token.”}. Is this normal? The instructions don’t say. Do I need to change something? The instructions do not say. I tried deleting the monkey per the instructions and starting again and I get the same results every time. I try different monkey names. Same results, OR I get red box with "sorry, something went wrong when connecting with alexa. Please try again. " I’ve tried that multiple times as well. signed out. removed the skill. added the skill. Made sure the skill has alexa permission. Nothing seems to actually work. I have been able to use Virtual buttons and get them them work, but Virtual Buttons quit working once I signed up with Cam+.

It is a confusing setup but once you get your first Monkey to work, it’s smooth sailing. You should delete all Monkeys, IFTTT skills and Alexa routines. Then follow the detailed instructions from the link above. It should work.

I’m not sure I can explain this well. I’ve set up the routine for one of my cams to have my Amazon Show 8 announce “Person Detected.” I would also love for that to trigger the camera to show what it sees on my Amazon Show 8. Here is an example as to why. The other day a solicitor came to my door and I didn’t want them to know I was home. But to see who was at my door I had to say out loud Alexa Show Porch. If its going to announce Person Detected it should also show me who the person is. I hope that makes sense.

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Need this feature for Google home hubs too please

It will only announce PD. No live view as if yet.

It has never worked (besides a dozen or so times) on any of my Google Hubs. Always get an error message. Hope they can fix this soon as I find myself using Alexa/Echo much more than my GH devices these days. Alexa is at her best, in some area’s :rofl:

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Uh no for me it has worked for the few times I used it but wasn’t recent

It really shouldn’t be that hard for Wyze and Google to work together and fix. It’s one of the main reasons I bought my Google Hub and have had it work a handful of times but not in last little while. Alexa can do it quite fast so no excuse for Google.

I agree, one the main things I want for the upcoming doorbell is Google home support, if it doesn’t have that, I’ll probably be skipping it tbh

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Amazon owns ring. So I would not be surprised if Amazon never gives up the option to have a competitor camera feed automatically show.

Can you explain how to make the motion work with IFTT to turn on the camera on my tv.? I have a fire stick with Alexa.

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