Wyze Cam Monthly Updates -- April 2018



Keep asking, this must come soon … you can vote here: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/multi-cam-live-view/


Would love to see this feature in playback mode, a way of highlighting points in the recording that have motion detected, so I don’t have to scroll through or jump around to check if there was movement or not


Yes. The service which provides notifications has been moved to Google for Android devices. It’s the first post on this page.


Here are three additions that would make a significant improvement to my wyze cams.

  1. ability to selectively mass delete recording vs. one at a time (i.e. tag items to be deleted similar to method uses with text messages in the Android phones)
  2. Add access, viewing and editing capability to Windows computers (either direct logon to my wyze account or via add in to Google Chrome browser).
  3. Ability to select a specific and unique tone (or mp3 file of the user's choice) to alert the owner when the wyze camera detects motion or sound.
Thanks for a great & affordable product that I hope will be getting better and include the suggestion above.


Nice list of features, thanks.

Ability to display the camera video via RTP would be a great feature and many requests for other features could be handled, at least until they are available natively, by third party apps.

Hope we see this on the list soon.


Geofencing is required for any good security camera setup. I have to manually turn these on and off as we come and go unless I want to see notifications on my phone every 30 seconds (quite annoying).


Do we need to do anything to make the Google notifications work for Wyzecam? I have notifications enabled but they don’t work at all, I have never got a push notification.


How do I download the BETA version? I don’t see any way to do this…

<EDIT: Never mind, I found the answer to this now>


#1 already exists. In the Notifications section, tap the Edit link. Then mark the clips you want to delete, then tap the Delete button lower right.



How about temporary power, so that in the event of a power loss (thus no WiFi) the cam could save any activity on the SD card. Once power is back, push the notifications. This improvement can also help if only the WiFi or Internet is temporary inoperative.


A UPS would be a good solution to this possible failure scenario.


There is no room inside the WyzeCam for a battery, but you might be able to do this yourself if you can find a USB battery pack that will provide power at the same time it’s receiving a charge.


First off, the software and hardware are already amazing, for a $90 camera. For $20 - it’s incredible! The new features sound pretty great and I’m excited to try them out.

I wanted to add my #1 request - the ability to see alerts in my playback, but not get notifications. I don’t really need to get notifications on my phone when someone comes into a room, but I’d love to be able to go back and see what motion took place in the course of a given time period, without having to watch everything to find it. Does that make sense? If this is already an option, I’d love to learn more.

This is more of a longshot, but I have another feature in mind that would be just amazing. A motion recap with timestamps. I use another security system that lets you select a period of time and it will overlay all of the motion onto a video and follow each person/thing moving with timestamps. It’s pretty amazing. Maybe an easier version of that would just be a montage of all movement over a selected timeframe. Again, I think we’re already getting way more than we bargained for and these are more just “that would be amazing” features, but I thought I’d throw them out there.



My most immediate need would be for a more weatherpoof version of the camera, one I could outside install under an eave or overhang.


If you don’t want phone notifications but still want the alert clips to be recorded, tap the gear icon on the Notifications section and turn off Push Notifications.


It is an issue we are aware of and should have a fix soon. The fix is currently with our beta testers to make sure everything is good to go first.


Folks have been installing them in outdoor dry locations in VERY cold temperatures and they have been working fine. However, it is yet to be seen what happens in the heat and humidity of the summer.


Also would like to see webpage viewing (possibly an app that works with OSX?)

Very minor thing, as I love everything else about this camera. Keep up the good work!


We are definitely researching into it right now! This one just takes a bit more significant research than just features. =)


Appreciate the updates. Is there a weather proof version of Wyze Cam or an enclosure available to use the camera outdoors? Would be very useful! Thanks.