Wyze cam make a phone call when motion detect

I just use IFTTT to create a applet for front door Wyze cam make a phone call when motion detect, and I work great.

I am trying to get familiar with IFTTT. I would like to have an outdoor siren alarm remotely if there is an attempt or suspicious person(s) upon premises. I had hoped that more post would be in this forum on it.

Ifttt phone call is US only, guess where I live?

Do you know if IFTTT can send me an email when a trigger occurs, in addition to the usual text message?

Can you share how you set up your IFTTT to call you. I think this is one of the things that is missing with Wyze. I would like to set it up to call when Motion is detected inside the home also. Appreciate it if you can share what recipes you used and how.

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Ever get any help or response from anywhere on this Charlie? Seems like it would be a good thing for the community to share. Thanks in advance. Mike

Good for you

Mike, crickets… nada… nothing heard. :smiley:

Yeah, I love it when people say hey I got something figured out and then not willing to share it or even respond but to be fair there may be more to the story, what do I know. Today’s narcissism in process. I perpetuated a 24-year career in it development and management by searching solutions on the web and other resources and sharing results with everyone. Everybody wins. Working on this Charlie…