Wyze Cam Floodlight with a Pan v2 Option

I want a good motion sensing floodlight to go with my Pan v2 camera, or possibly have a floodlight package that already has a Pan v2 attached, instead of the v3.

That would be great! Sadly I don’t think Wyze will make this because the pan v2 isn’t supposed to go outdoors. Maybe they will make a waterproof v2 for it? That would be cool. Make sure to vote for your own wishlist item.

Btw, if your trying to just get a 180 view of the space the floodlight is pointing at, you can get a second cam and put it next to the floodlight. The floodlight has a USB port on the back.

If you wanted to mount the cam on the floodlight, I have made a 3D printed mount for this purpose since this is my setup. Wyze Floodlight Cam 2-Way Mount | 3D model | Thangs


Yeah, you’re probably right. That’s why they call it a wishlist, though, right? I would be mounting it under my front porch roof, so weatherproof wouldn’t matter to me.
I like your 2-way mount. Are you selling these?

Yup :slight_smile:
Yea you should be fine under the porch.

No, I’m not selling them. The STL is free to download on that link, but you need access to a 3D printer. Your local library or maker center may have one. Sorry

Ok, thanks. Looks like a terrific solution for me if the fields of view overlap.

Yea, it overlaps just slightly, so it’s perfect :slight_smile: