Wyze Cam displays the wrong name

Just curious to know if anyone else has seen this. Sometimes when I have the Wyze app open on an event video and I lock my phone, when I unlock it later the camera name displayed on the even video is “Balcony Cam”. If I view the video again it goes back to the correct name, but I do not nor have I ever had a camera called “Balcony Cam”.

Has anyone else seen this? Theories? Wires crossed in the cloud? Leftover default name from early app testing? This may not be specific to the beta version, but since I am using the beta app I thought I should start here.

I have not personally seen this behavior. Are you on Android or iOS? I will try it on my phone (iOS).

Android 7.0, latest beta app. It’s very infrequent, but I’ve seen it at least a handful of times. I’m usually already hitting the back button by the time I notice it, but I’ll try to get a screenshot some time. It’s not really a problem, but it seems odd and has persisted over several months and many app versions.

It is odd and certainly not desired behavior.

Can you screen shot it next time it happens?

That’s really odd. I can’t think of a thing that would cause that too happen

Seeing what you’re seeing might give us a clue

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Happened again. Camera name should be Front Yard. If I back out and tap the video again it shows the correct name:

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That’s a good catch! Is the thumbnail picture always correct? Meaning from your camera?

Yes, so far only the name is incorrect, it doesn’t appear to be giving me access to someone else’s video. My leading theory is that it’s a default name in debug code, but I captured logs and sent them in so the Wyze team can take a look.


when it was doing this was it ever showing the incorrect name in the camera frame during live view?

No, it only shows the incorrect name on the motion alert view next to the video. When you view the video the name is correct at the top, and if you go back the name updates to the correct one in the alert view.