Wyze Cam Base Station Microsd not recognized

I don’t know if I trust the battery monitor or not. The usage seems to be correct but the days from last charge always seems to be wrong. I charged a WCO cam 4 days ago and it says last charge 58 days ago :open_mouth:. It may be that I haven’t turned the camera power switch off on any of my cameras in many months since I leave them on while charging?? Next time I charge a cam I will turn it off and see if it makes a difference in the battery use lines and battery charge date.

Will do so this evening. There’s only been the ONE event recorded from this cam since i got it (only after i took the card from the base and put it in the outdoor cam the other day)
PS: Tried the Cam plus for 2 weeks for 2 cams but cancelled it just before the subscription would have kicked in. I didn’t see any difference with C+. I still didn’t get anything from the Outdoor and the Pan Cam barely ever reported anything that it didn’t without C+

Thanks for the help.

Didn’t get a chance to check that …will do so today. At work now. Have left it plugged in this morn so my wife can keep an eye on the door for the mail man and packages from the office in the back of the house. she has to actively watch because there’s never any notification. LIVE VIEW WORKS GREAT! LOL

I see you wrote this, but it doesn’t really answer the questions:

By chance are these inside your house looking out a window?

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looking out my front window, overlooking the street, sidewalk, driveway, front porch…
Not mounted. Sitting on the sill…
Hope this is sufficient info.

PIR sensors (which is what the Outdoor Cam uses to sense motion) don’t really work through glass. If you wanted to use it that way, you would have been better off going with a v2 or v3.

If you want to continue using the Outdoor Cam, you should really move it outside.

Oh. Ok. Thanks for that tip. Any reason why I doesn’t recognize that an sd card is in the base, but recognizes that same sd if i put it directly into the Outdoor cam itself? The base recognizes the sd card when installed in the base, yet the outdoor will not backup to the base because it complains that there is no sd card in the base.

There ya go, pir detection systems do not see through glass. Like stated, That is why you do not get any motion events from the camera.

I think you should browse through this information for the WCO. If you can’t find the answers you want I have 4 WCO and may be able to help you out. Make sure the cam has a good signal and set it up so motion moving is across the PIR zone not coming straight at the camera. See below picture. The face of this camera is pointing in the direction of the red line, PIR zone is very wide, the garbage truck is 55 feet away.


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So uh…. Your comment here saved me so much time and effort THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

So uh…. Your comment here saved me so much time and effort THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Great, so glad this was helpful for you!

This was outstanding advice! it worked perfectly.
Thanks andersleet!

I’m having the same problems. Reset and started over yesterday. Both cam and base were showing cards. Now today neither are seeing the *32 cards. This keeps happening, hence the resets.
I hate this cam but really needed the solar. I use it as a bird cam and it is currently sitting in a cactus watching a hummingbird nest.

I think it something else the new app update broke, I’ll add it to my list. My cam shows the base and Cam SD, the base says no card :astonished:

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Mine only worked after hooking up and after that the base never recognized SD card. I turned my ticket, but nobody fixed.
Wyze never treats their customers good.
Best way is not to buy their products.