Wyze Cam Autopsy



Hello Darren, search for wyzecam on Thingiverse… Also if you want to see pictures of other mounts I made, check out this thread…



Here is your bird house:



Can anyone suggest a 3D printing service that they have used?


What do you need? I can print for you.




I would like one also. I don’t have a 3D printer.



Me too! I would like one also. I don’t have a 3D printer. If you give me your email address, I can send payment via Paypal.


Can you email me at darrentgurney[at]gmaildotcom please? we can sort stuff out there. :slight_smile:


Oh and it makes so much difference :slight_smile: I have one with and one without. If I put them side by side it works great. Now if only I could get vantablack filament :wink:



i would be interested in this.



I am






I ordered 10 matte black vinyl wraps from Tony and am very happy with them. ?



These boards and modules do not look very thick and I am wondering what else is in that square space since I was thinking of building my own video doorbell using the Wyze Cam v2 innards and a 3D printed case with a button from another doorbell.

I only need the button to trigger the wired door chime. The Wyze Cam v2 motion sensor will alert me via notification on the app.

Obviously I don’t want the doorbell to be as thick as a Wyze Cam, instead it should be similar in size to the most popular video doorbell.

I know a video doorbell is in the top 3 requested items for Wyze, so maybe they will make one.

It should be really easy and not require much engineering besides fitting the cam and a button into a different case.


just an fyi, instead of using paint, if you dont want it permenant you can use whats called plasti-dip. it comes in a spray paint can and is matte (comes in several colors including black) you can mask the lenses and spray, if you dont like it you can peel it off like rubber skin. its great stuff and i use it all the time. google it, you tube it whatever. you can get it at any autoparts store.


Be aware that if you accidentally plastidip the ports, you are going to be in for a VERY bad day, digging that stuff out of ports is a serious PiTA.


If you plug the holes prior to spraying you should have no issue. Masking off some areas are required. Toothpicks work great for holes cut off sharp point. Spray wait a few minutes. Then remove. It just takes a little time thinking of solutions. At the end of the day plastidip IS removable at least… even if its a PITA.