Wyze Bulbs Won't Turn Back on in Ceiling Fan

I’m trying to use the Wyze Bulbs in a ceiling fan that has 2 sockets. But if I turn off the bulbs from either the switch or the app they won’t come back on unless a bulb is on in one of the sockets. I’ve used the bulbs in other sockets and they work fine, but there’s something up with the fan.

I tested the Wyze Bulbs in other sockets and they work fine. I turned the fan lights off and on and the Wyze bulbs wouldn’t turn back on unless I screwed in a regular bulb.

Occasionally if some other lights are on in the house regular bulbs would flicker in the ceiling fan. I suspect the bulbs aren’t getting enough juice to turn back on if one of the sockets isn’t powered.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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Wyze bulbs should always have the switch in the on position. You don’t control them with the switch. Are you mixing regular and Wyze bulbs? That’s an issue. Because regular bulbs need a switch.

I leave the switch on. But if I turn off a Wyze Bulb off via the app it won’t turn back on. The only way to turn it back on is to either put it in a different socket, or swap one of the Wyze Bulbs with a regular bulbs in one of the sockets in the ceiling fan. Right now I have a regular bulb and Wyze Bulb in the ceiling fan and it’s working fine. But if I put 2 Wyze Bulbs in they won’t turn back on from if they are turned off.

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Ceiling fan lights don’t put out much power. Maybe you can’t power 2

Wow, that sounds bizarre, never heard of anything like that. It shouldn’t be a power issue since the Wyze bulbs are LED and use a small fraction of power compared with a standard incandescent bulb. This one has me stumped

how old is the fan. someone once told me some older light setups are like old Christmas lights. they work in line. so if you aren’t getting that complete circuit, there isn’t power running to them. I’ve never had an old fan so I’ve never tested it. something to keep in mind and maybe look deeper into if the fan is old though. it sound like something like that is happening.

I’m not sure how old the fan is, it was already installed when we bought the place. That’s an interesting thought but a single regular bulbs works fine, but 2 Wyze Bulbs won’t turn back on.

Try to determine if the bulbs are wired in series or parallel. If they are wired in series, there may not be anything you can do about it. Like Christmas tree fairy lights, if one bulb goes out, they all go out.

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Oh that’s a very good point maybe that fan is wired that way. Now that I think about it my mom did have a fan like that

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Is there a dimmer, or three position switch somewhere that’s limiting the power to the sockets? Wyze bulbs don’t work on dimmer switches.

I didn’t think they worked on dimmers either. But I have the rocker on. And the dimmer all the way up. And the lights are managed by a motion detector and they work fine. The only downside and the reason that I’m going to switch it to a regular switch is I cannot dim it in the app it is full bright or nothing. I can make a video and post on YouTube if you want to see how it works?

I guess a caveat to my other post, you can proboly have a Wyze bulb on a dimmer switch but that switch needs to be always on, full power. You can’t dim a Wyze bulb via a traditional dimmer switch.

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No dimmer, just on switch for the fan & lights. Though I’m starting to think it’s the current, cause sometimes the bulbs flicker if the patio lights are on. But it’s confusing cause it works fine if a regular bulb is plugged in with a Wyze bulb.

Is it’s in series that means I wouldn’t be able to run one regular bulb right? Cause it breaks the circuit.

is your house so old it has knob and tube wiring?

I don’t think so. It was built in the 80’s.

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Neutral and ground wires mixed up? I’m not an electrician.

Put some (known) good standard bulbs in the sockets. When you turn them on, they will all go on. If you unscrew one of them and they all go off, they are wired in series.


That fan was taken down along time ago. It’s been trashed so probably 10 years