Wyze Bulbs Unpairing?

I have six Wyze Bulbs in my ceiling hallway attached to a three way switch. Two days after setting them up, I came home to them all being reset to pairing mode. Turns out my husband got home, and since he wasn’t used to the slight delay in them turning on via the switch, he flipped the switch a few times which reset them. I told him flipping them on and off three times resets them, and thought the issue would be over. They’ve since been reset an additional two times, causing a lot of re-pairing, renaming, and resetting all my Alexa routines – a ton of additional work.

Anyone having similar issues? If it has to do with the standard three-switch pairing, could there be an option (after paired) to increase the number of switches necessary to kick them back into pairing mode? Or better yet – if you power cycled the bulb another three times, could they kick back into their previous pairing? That would be AMAZING.

This is an argument for this wishlist item.

There is a discussion about Wyze Bulbs losing their pairing after power outages here that may be relevant:

To some extent smart bulbs just have to be treated differently, such as installing guards over light switches to prevent accidental power cycling. However, if there’s a way to minimize accidental resets that would benefit everyone.

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