Wyze bulbs support for being in multiple groups and over all controls

Would love to have the ability to have bulbs be able to be in/member of multiple groups.

So a single bulb could be in an “upstairs” group… In addition to a “bedroom” group.

It would also be nice to have a control or group of all bulbs being able to change settings across all of them at once.

Welcome to the community, @Pablosbrain. Although, you can already control color and brightness of bulbs in a group, as well as timers and vactaion mode. :slight_smile:

Yes, multiple groups needs to be a thing for wyze bulbs

I second/third this. I have an overhead light (with 2 bulbs) and a lamp (1). It would be nice to turn both on at same time or separately. Maybe I can do this with Google, haven’t tried, yet, but nesting groups should be a part of the native app.
I should be able to join the two bulbs in my overhead group with the single bulb in my lamp, and still have a separate option for both.