Wyze Bulb with Wyze Band

Yesterday i received 2 Wyze bulbs. Set them up and everything works great as far as use with the app. I created shortcuts for both bulbs. Added the shortcuts to my Wyze band and having issues as far as turning bulbs on. I can toggle them off using the band fine… But when i try to toggle them on, the bulb starts to turn on to about 15% brightness then just shuts off. Anyone else have this issue or can advise? Bulbs work fine using the app. Just not the band.

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I have shortcuts for plugs but not lights and they work just fine I’ll have to try lights and see what happens

Just to update this in case anyone else needed to know, when i created my shortcuts i choose the bulbs and the function i checked off was turn on and turn off. So originally i created 2 shortcuts 1 for each bulb. However, i did not realize that you need to create 4 shortcuts. And on and off for each bulb. Which i hope somehow this is improved. With a cap of only 5 shortcuts, just these 2 bulbs used up 4 which sucks.

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Yes I have this issue too

The 5 shortcuts on the Wyze band have been updated to 10 shortcuts. This is much better but now let’s go for 10 more Wyze. :grinning:


I’m pretty sure you can group the two light bulbs together and then use a shortcut to turn them both on at the same time.


Should be able to, I have two bulbs that turn on with motion. And after 5 minutes without motion they turn off. (two shortcuts in total tho; one for on and one for off).

This is my biggest issue with Wyze right now. There is no way to effectively “toggle” the option. The way it’s set up, it will always turn off the light as the last part of the rule. I know because I set it up the same way.

I feel like this is something that is unfortunately getting overlooked. I really hope that someone pays attention to the thread. The ability to control rules/shortcuts on my band is over-the-top amazing and if this doesn’t get sorted out it would be a real shame. Again, bulb toggle options would fix OP’s issues and is really my number one thing I wish Wyze would do. The issue is you have to create DOUBLE the shortcuts for your band.

Oh, and to mped, if you’re still reading, for the time being you will have to create a “light on” and “light off” shortcut for each light.

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Yeah I agree on your comment.

And had figured out the double shortcut along time ago. Guess I should have replied sooner