Wyze Bulb: unable to finish pairing, Connection timed out

I’m going to state the obvious, well…because I have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you trying to set it up on a 2.4GHz network?

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Yes :smiley:

UGH, this is all I’ve got for you at this time. I don’t see a troubleshooting guide yet. If no one else has an idea, you might need to submit a support request. :frowning:

Wyze Bulb Setup Guide.

Same issue here. Running iPhone XR and turned off cellular data and WiFi calling but I still cannot get it to connect.

I had the same issues. I opened a support ticket as it did it with both of the 2 bulbs I tried.
Later I logged into the app via my ipad, instead of my phone, and saw both bulbs installed.
It seems like there is a bug with the IOS version of the install. I now see them both on all of my devices.
Now I am trying to figure out how to trigger them to turn on when my cameras detect motion.

I’ve tried all suggestions above, nothing works for me. I will contact support, Very disappointed. I’m in the tech field so I’m confident I’m following the instructions properly. Using fios quantum router.


I was having that issue as well and found out the because I use Google WiFi it uses both 2.4 and 5 GHz in tandem and my phone always links to the 5. My wife’s phone however defaulted to the 2.4 and I was able to use hers to finish the set up.

Well, add me to the list. I’m having the same problem. The first bulb I tried connected easily and without any issues. However, the next two bulbs i tried will not connect. I can connect to the bulb via wifi, but as soon as I switch back to the Wyze app *Connecting" screen, the bulb stops flashing and and the wifi disconnects. I tried about a dozen times and finally gave up. I’m out of ideas.

I too am out of ideas. I’ve tried everything in each thread. Used old phones, turned of mobile data, Used only 2.4Ghz network settings. Literally nothing works. I’m incredibly frustrated.

Thank you! I had tried so many times to get it working . Disabling local data got it to work right away, They need to add this to the instructions. I am jealous some of you got yours two days ahead of me :grinning:

Beta Team… I just got my bulbs and am having pairing issues as well. Here is my current configuration:

Wifi: Disabled 5Ghz Channel (Only using 2.4ghz 20/40ghz channel diversity)
Placed Iphone into Airplane mode, then only activated the wifi
Placed the bulb into pairing mode
Bulb acknowledges connection in first phase and changes to white hue but pairing does not complete

I tried deleting wifi profiles, etc… still no success. Any other thoughts?

Something else that sometimes causes problems with smart home devices is having a SSID (wifi name) or password with Unicode characters like àéîöù.

I know this probably won’t help, I was having the same issue but in my apartment we are forced into community internet. If the MAC addresses for each bulb were included, like they are with the cameras, then I would have been able to complete the set up. A work around that Spectrum told me would have been for me to make my phone a Hotspot and install that way because then I could get the MAC addresses that way.

UPDATE: Wanted to let everyone know that I resolved my issue. Years ago I had limited my DHCP scope to 20 IP addresses (thinking that I would never exceed 20 devices on my network… ha, ha!), so some of my bulbs were unable to obtain an IP address. Unfortunately, during failed setup, there was no indication of the reason for failure. Had there been a message stating “Unable to obtain an IP address”, I would have known what to look for right away. Anyway, I made more IP addresses available for DHCP and the rest of my bulbs connected quickly and without issue.


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have tried with mobile data off, even in Airplane mode, from iPhone X and iPad Air 2, to no avail. While remaining connected to the bulb’s private network, connection times out consistently.


Same issue here. Connection times out. I turned off mobile data and the rule to automatically connect to my wireless network. Got one bulb connected by turning it and and off 3 times after failing the first time and without leaving the application. It connected, told me there was a firmware update so I accepted that. After several minutes it said firmware update failed and now I cannot reconnect to this bulb. I have tried with my iPad, Android phone and my wife’s iPhone, no luck. Going to give it a break and try again later, already spent several hours on this. I have several cameras, the motion detector and 2 door switches and no problem up until now.

If you don’t want to read the for what it’s worth go to the 2nd to last sentence.
After two days trying to get one bulb to connect, reading all the posts and trying each suggestion ( I have android phones ) I had no success not even a flicker from the bulb. In my case I setup my wifi on 5 Ghz, keeping away from the 40 plus 2.4 Ghz units near me, and since nothing was working I looked at my 2.4 settings just in case ( please note that my cameras work fine on the 2.4 link ). I run my 2.4 using " n only " mode so I dropped it back to the older " b/g/n mode " and sure enough I had light. So in my case I have to run the older wifi settings using ***"b/g/n mode "***. I just surprised the bulbs ( to me ) are running on older technology


Thank you very much OldGoat! Your suggestion worked for me and now have all 4 bulbs working. I could not set it up on my regular network because it does not have a password and other half is 5G. (in the county so no one around me). I was trying to set them up on my other network which is password protected and set for no lower than N speed. So I set up an access point with b/g/n and able to connect and updated firmware. It should NOT be this hard! Thanks again!

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:+1: Glad it helped