Wyze Bulb: Turn off after motion stops for X minutes

Hi Wyze folks,

I’m dying to order 1-2 packs of EA bulbs, but this question is critical to my investment in Wyze for bulbs. It’s okay if it’s in development and coming very soon, but if there’s no plans, I have to look elsewhere.

QQ: Will it be possible to automate the bulbs to turn off after a Wyze Sense motion sensor detects motion has cleared/stopped for X minutes? (not immediately)

I’m a big fan of walking into a room and the lights just come on and then after the room has been inactive for 10-15 minutes, the lights turn off. I have this today with SmartThings in some rooms, but would love to invest more in Wyze and move off of ST. IFTTT doesn’t work for this, and I don’t enjoy having to give voice commands to my rooms (I’d rather flip a dumb switch than talk or unlock a phone, app, etc).


I will be very surprised if turning bulbs off after a motion time delay is not a standard feature, but I either missed that in the AMA or it hasn’t been revealed yet.

That said, I’m already using Wyze Motion Sensors to turn other lights off after a time delay using IFTTT and Apilio.io so it will certainly be possible to do that with Wyze Bulb too. I would just prefer that it be a built-in feature.

Yeah, I’m with you and expect a “yes/coming soon” answer, but have already made enough costly missteps with wrong HA vendors, so I don’t really want to regret $80+ bucks here, too.

I know anything is possible with IFTTT+chewing gum+tape+script/3rd-party, but that’s starting to make my smart home a heavy upkeep burden. My challenge with IFTTT (which your Apilio mention likely addresses) is that it is single-user specific, such that “when everyone leaves” logic doesn’t work. Lights/cameras off/on when I leave but my wife is still home creates marital conflict, not automation joy, so it needs to be native (or tie into a hub that already has such intelligence).

Yeah, if native integration is a requirement I can see that.

I’m actually not a fan of IFTTT and wish Wyze had more native automation, but I’m willing to put in some time up front to automate the things I really need/want out of my HA setup.

IFTTT’s single-user nature isn’t really a problem when using the Wyze Motion sensor since it detects any motion, not just whoever set up the IFTTT action. But yes, if I were using geo-fencing based on my phone I would have to involve Apilio.io to track when both our phones are not present and only trigger the IFTTT action in those cases. Fairly easy to set and forget, but it’s a bit of a learning curve on the front end.

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Update: No joy or timeline on this. RIP.


If it’s not already a feature request, I’ll submit one.

There is no timer to turn off the bulbs but there is a option to turn off after X amount of minutes after motion has been clear. Pretty much what you’re looking for. Up to 59 min, this is native in the app w/o IFTTT.

In the bulbs? Are you a beta tester? Just trying to figure out what this assertion is based upon, since Wyze staff have said this isn’t the case and none of the early access bulbs have shipped yet.

Yes, in the bulbs, yes beta tester. I have a setup basically doing what you want. Bulbs turn on with motion detection, turn off once motion has cleared, but there’s also the option to turn off after X amount of minutes once motion has cleared. Maybe things changed after Marks initial comment.


Is there a way to have the bulbs turn on via motion from a cam? I saw somewhere that it was possible with a Wyze cam or the Sense, but I can’t see how it’s done in the app.

Yes go into shortcuts and create one for the bulb and use a trigger of a camera

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Thank you, yes that works. Now I have the same question as the OP, how do you get them to turn off once the motion has cleared?
I don’t see a way to do that.

Without a motion sensor, I’m not sure of a way.

Well there is. It’s triggered by the motion detection in the cam. The light comes on, but you have to manually turn it off. I want them to come on with a cam senses motion in a room, then turn off when either a timer expires, or the motion in the camera expires.

The motion sensors and the contact sensors have this trigger in the shortcut automate menu, the cameras do not, they only have the “detects ???” Trigger.

Edit: looks like you’ll have to go all IFTTT on it and create a automated shortcut to turn on the light by X trigger, then a separate automated shortcut to turn it off after X trigger.

Yeah looks like it. I have the Wyze Sense but haven’t installed it yet. It seems a shame the the cameras don’t have the same options. I don’t want to waste the motion sensor just to turn the light on and off. Maybe they will fix this in the hopefully NEAR future.

Try this shortcut, turn off bulbs after its been on for x minutes

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So I have the bulb and the motion sensor.
I was able to create a shortcut that turns up the bulb brightness when motion is detected, BUT setting the action to turn down brightness after XX minutes does not work.
Only when I select the action to turn bulb brightness down when motion clears, it works, but that means that the bulb powers down after about 45 seconds and I would like to have the bulb stay bright for 5 minutes

instead of choosing “becomes clear”, use “has been clear for” & set for 5min for the trigger…