Wyze Bulb timed gradual dimming and color shift

I would like to use my bulbs for waking up with a timed light. It would be great if a gradient for intensity and color could be set over a fixed time. For example start at 10% intensity warm light and end at 100% intensity cool light over a 30 minute span.

Also, start at a warm glow, and fade out over a set amount of time, to fall asleep.


I’ve seen alarm clocks with this feature and other light bulbs and I want this with my Wyse Bulb.

Ideally, I would like the Wyse Bulb to go on a certain time and then gradually get brighter, up to a certain percentage (up to 100%) in an effort to gently wake up and ease into the day.

  • Fully customizable ‘sunrise’ from as short as 1 min to 1 hour

Like this


I’ve tried to do this with several different brands of smart bulbs, but never get the effect I want. When the bulb goes from 0% to 1% it jumps to a brightness level that I would not call 1%. More like 25%. It does not wake me up gently.


I agree, most smart bulbs lowest brightness is still a very abrupt wake up

I’m also really hoping this feature gets implemented. Even if it’s not a soft start the plenty of other uses for both brightness and temperature fading

This is the feature I’m waiting for before I switch over to Wyze bulbs. I currently have a combination of Eufy bulbs and a Hue bulb that I use for this. I like to call this feature “wake up” or “alarm clock” or “sunrise” - it should help me wake up by turning on gradually and going from warm to cool leading up to the time I set.


Not a Wyze customer at this point but having a native sunrise simulation will certainly make me get the bulbs and of course those would act as a gateway to other Wyze products.

I wasn’t very interested in getting smart bulbs, but this feature would totally be worth it! I’d even design a super cool 3D printed housing for it :grin:

Have a mode on the bulb to automatically match the color/temperature based on the time of day.

More blue during the morning/day, and more yellow at night to help with our natural circadian rhythms. (Similar to iPhone True Tone.)

Id like to see a method for the bulb to dim before it turns off. Like vehicle head lights. It will give you time to leave the room while there is still some light.