Wyze Bulb Shipping Issues

TL;DR — We have got reports and have read posts by our community about shipment delays on Early Access Wyze Bulb orders. This issue did not affect all orders and we are still trying to determine the average transit time was.

What happened — All Early Access orders were shipped within less than a 2 day period, however some customers have experienced delays where their tracking number says one thing, but then the package shows up days later.

To prevent this from happening in the future — Work on new shipping methods has already been in the works, we are testing it and will continue to roll it out for all orders.

Hi everyone, I wanted to address the issues that we have seen with some shipment delays involving the bulb. This did not affect most orders but even having it affect even a few orders is not acceptable. First of all, for those that have gone or going through this experience, we sincerely apologize! We work extremely hard on giving the best experience with our products and we know that this issue is a big let down. I know exactly how it feels to be excited to receive something only to have it not arrive when the tracking says it will. It’s the constant checking if the mail has come, pressing refresh on a page and hoping it changes, checking your Wyze Cam, etc. It’s just not fun at all.

Now first off if anyone is still experiencing these issues, I would suggest that you type your tracking number into USPS Tracking. Because UPS-MI is a hybrid of sorts it gets handed from UPS to USPS, so that may give you more detailed tracking. If that doesn’t work or you still see a delay, please contact our support team by opening a new request with our Wyze Support team. We are monitoring these closely.

The whole team worked extremely hard to get the bulbs shipped as soon as humanly possible, so all of us here are also feeling a very similar frustration. One of the greatest parts of our jobs is hearing about the excitement people get when the product arrives, and when they get to use it and set it up. So hearing about these delays do not make us feel great at all. I guess to sum it up, I want everyone to know that you are heard and that we are taking measures to avoid this in the future. Actions such as having much better tracking and reliability as well as having more detailed internal reports around shipping time as well as alerts for us to have more visibility once the packages leave our warehouse.

The issue has been out of our hands because once the order leaves our warehouse, we no longer have control of it and we depend on the carrier. Even so, we will do everything we can on our side to make sure that we minimize the chance of this repeating itself in the future.

Now, where does that leave future shipments?

Over the past few months, our operations team and I have been working closely together to create a better shipping experience on Wyze.com and for orders through the Wyze app. We realized that the shipment speed was less than ideal, (and now that we have had this experience with the Wyze Bulb it’s even more vital). There have been a lot of moving parts as you can imagine when it comes to things such as relocating inventory, researching what provider would provide us excellent tracking, reliability and at the same time not charge our customers an arm and a leg for shipping as well as the integration work that goes on linking our systems. We’ve been “beta testing” if you will, with specific regular orders from our site and so far we are extremely happy with the results. We will continue to roll this out these changes which will vastly improve the shipping experience of both standard and Early Access orders.


Thanks for the update, Its hard for the little guy to compete with the Prime 2 Day delivery. That being said my previous orders (not bulbs, I missed out) took a long time to ship. I’m not talking time in transit but rather time from order placed to time it shipped. This really shouldn’t be more than 24 hours after payment clears. Having an order sit around for days before it leaves a warehouse is the most frustrating part for me.

That being said glad you guys are aware and working to fix the issues.

I have been a vocal critic of the USPS tracking links.
I’ve had a package get one post office away and then return to Seattle.
I will happily be a beta tester for your shipping me free hardware :slight_smile:


What is REALLY frustrating, is that at least one guy was sent a set to review. These things aren’t even available in the store. Why send them to reviewers? Nobody should have been sent a set to review before all pre-orders were fulfilled completely. I’ve already paid for mine, yet, some guy gets a free set. I feel like Wyze has been disloyal to one of it’s customers who has been loyal, and pre-orders their products to help them be a successful company because he believed in them and respected them.

That’s messed up.

You’ve got a point there and he got the Backer sticker!! I can see them sending reviewers some but not before you preorder guys.


@kboggs1, I agree with you completely. I hold “reviewers” with the same contempt as “influancers”. Of course they’re going to give it a great review, They got it for FREE! If we want to play that game, why not give the “early access” people a deep discount?

I am not really asking for a discount. Just don’t send out free products to reviewers. Also, thanks to @WyzeAnthony for letting us know that our cries for help have been heard, Okay, I’m getting off the soapbox now.

My bulbs were finally delivered today and I am getting ready to start putting them through their paces.

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EXACTLY! This “influencer” was given a set for free. So, let’s say someone watches his video and says, “Wow, I want those”! They can’t even buy them yet.
I understand that Wyze isn’t responsible for a shipment once it leaves, but, the fact that even one set was sent to an “influencer” is infuriating. For free. Wow. Loyalty works both ways.

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Also, I used a curse word (oh my goodness!) yesterday, in expressing my disappointment with this situation. Wyze acted faster than you can say quick to respond to that. Yet, I have not received one response to why they sent a free set of bulbs to a non-paying customer before a loyal backer.

So, why did you send free sets to YouTube “influencers”, at the same time you were fulfilling orders for paying customers? No one who didn’t pre-order can even order them yet. Hopefully, you learned from this mistake above all others.

Have you even been following the evolution of the bulb?
This was supposed to have been sent out a month ago. I ordered mine May 22nd.
MANY if not most modern products are put in hands of reviewers prior to general sales.
Look at almost all modern product marketing, samples are sent for review before the product hits the shelves. Otherwyze people would not have little reference for the quality of the product.
That review was July 11th. I’m surprised there were not reviews June 11th, about when us early adopters were SUPPOSED to be getting our lights.
@WyzeAnthony started this thread in a typical “We apologize” mode and Wyze is working on it. It should not be turned into a dump on marketing practices.

But I find his suggestion very poor.

I run Chrome. I just go into
Shop–>(login)–> My Account–>Orders–>View–> and grab the tracking number, then paste it into a spreadsheet then Google it. TYPING the 30 digit number is insane, just drag and drop.
/edit - Wyze should turn the tracking number into a link.


Thanks @WyzeAnthony for the post. My bulbs were due to be delivered on 7/9 according to both UPS and USPS, they were delivered on 7/11, no big deal. I totally understand the shipping is out of Wyze control once it’s shipped, it’s the carrier handoff that creates the delay. I’m glad to hear Wyze is working on improving shipping times. I think most of us are spoiled by Amazon Prime :grin:


@WyzeAnthony I just opened ticket 274295 For support. Still no sign of either of my two orders and ordered them on first day of orders. Both tracking numbers haven’t been updated since 7/10.

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That was about the same way for me.

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@gemniii You’re right, this is not the thread to discuss Wyze marketing. I have no problem with reviewers getting products early. Maybe even before groups like the Early Access people. But I still feel they should pay for the product they review. I know of a reviewer of hi-tech sports gear (centered around triathlons) who states up front that he buys all of the gear he reviews. He does this to prove that his reviews are honest and unbiased. This is just my 2 cents worth.

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Ha! I saw this video 2 days after the UPS trackings said I should’ve received my bulbs (7.10.19). Still haven’t shown up btw (7.15). But yeah, it was a tad frustrating to see these guy had his already. When I “watched” the video, I wasn’t able to listen to it so I assumed he was a regular customer, not a reviewer who received them for free… so I was like, does he live around the corner from the shipping warehouse or what?

Nonetheless… I appreciate all you do and what you stand for in this industry Wyze. I respect your dedication to make things right and continue to improve. Can’t wait to get my hands on my bulbs… hopefully soon!

UPS-MI has almost always been abysmal in my experience. UPS usually gets it to the post office fast enough, then USPS takes 5-14 days to figure out what to do with it. My “early access” order for the Wyze bulbs is a perfect example: 92612999916518543481070173

UPS delivered it to the local PO 7/13 with an original delivery target of 7/12. Then the USPS sends it to a regional distribution center on 7/16, now with a delivery target of 7/18.

If shipping had been free, this might’ve been acceptable, but $8 bucks on a $30 order is UPS ground shipping rates, not UPS-MI.

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Yep… Mine got to USPS on the 11th and apparently haven’t been touched. As of just now, status is still “Accepted”. Not even an ETA.


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I just wanted to note that I also experienced this. Tracking said that it would arrive on Wednesday last week and showed up Saturday. Tracking still showed Friday it was across the country still and that the ETA was that previous wednesday.

UPS Mail Innovations is horribly slow and the actual delivery date will be long after the estimated delivery date.

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I’m in the same boat. Last accepted into the system on the 10th and still nothing. I even opened a case with the Post office to investigate and the postal employee did nothing but complain saying they are always blamed. I’m like, well, the track clearly looks like UPS delivered it to your regional consolidation point and it is sitting somewhere on your side. Her response was just call Wyze and tell them to ship out your order again because it is clearly lost…