Wyze Bulb/Plug setup on Google Wifi

I just spent 2 hours trying to setup my new Wyze Plug on my Google WiFi network before I finally got it to work. The problem was that Wyze Plug needs your phone (or tablet) to be on a 2.4Ghz band wifi signal to complete the setup process. If you are connected to a 5Ghz band, the setup process will result in a white blank screen and, at least in my case, my phone becomes unresponsive for awhile.
The problem with Google WiFi is that it doesn’t allow you to select a wifi band for a device; it automatically assigns the device to 2.4 or 5Ghz depending on which one it thinks the device will operate best on. My phone was locked to 5Ghz.
After scouring forums I found where people can “force” their phones to switch to 2.4Ghz by walking away from their WiFi point (read: out of their house and down the street) until the 5Ghz signal becomes too weak and the phone is forced to switch to 2.4Ghz. The trick is to keep the phone on this band while still being within range of the Plug to select it’s wifi network during the setup process. With some persistence I was able to complete the setup process and continue on with my life with the joy of my new working Wyze Plug.
I hope this helps anyone else that has a similar wifi issue. I use the word “help” lightly here.
P.S. I did take a moment to send Google an earful of choice feedback on their WiFi.

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Welcome, beachburro. I have set up every Wyze device I have with my phone on the 5 GHz network. One time I did it with my phone on the cellular network. But never the 2.4 GHz network. However, I don’t use Android, or Google WiFi.

We’ve heard of many problems with Google WiFi, but you don’t seem to have taken any special efforts there.

Here are some of the external influences we have seen with the Plug:

As a WiFi device the Wyze Plug will have a lot of the same general caveats as the Bulb. That said, if you are having setup troubles, make sure none of these things are interfering:


  • Plugs must have access to a 2.4 GHz network.


  • Turn off mobile data (some phones don’t like connecting to a WiFi network that doesn’t have an Internet connection, which is what the plug looks like to them).

  • On Android, after connecting to the Wyze Plug, wait 5-10 seconds to see if it warns you that the network has no internet access, asking if you want to stay connected anyway. Tap Yes you want to remain connected, then proceed with the rest of the Wyze Plug setup.


  • Turn any MAC filtering off during setup (you should know if you engaged this unusual item on your router.)

  • Sufficient range of DHCP network addresses must be available (some people restrict this).

  • Depending on your Plug’s firmware version, if your network name (SSID) is 25 characters or over, you may have trouble setting up the Plug. The workaround is to set up the Plug on another network (like your Guest network), update the firmware, then set it up on your intended network. If using another network isn’t an option, then reducing your network name (SSID) long enough to set up and update the Plug will be necessary.

  • If you have a PLUME WiFi mesh network and your Plug times out repeatedly (you may also get a 404 error), then temporarily disable “Online Protection” and/or the “Advanced IoT Protection”, as they appear to block access to either Wyze or the Plug. After the plug is activated you can re-enable protections.

  • If you are having trouble connecting to the plugs, check to be sure WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) is turned off in your router options.

  • If you have band steering on your router, know that some implementations won’t allow the Plugs to connect to the 2.4 GHz network if the 5 GHz network is available. The solution is to turn off the broadcast of your 5 GHz network long enough to set up the Plugs.


  • When the app asks you to input your network name and password, click the closed eye at the end of the password line to see the password you enter. Remember the password is case-sensitive.

  • Set up the plugs close to the router. Once all settings are in and the plugs are working, they can be moved to the desired location and all the settings will remain.

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