Wyze bulb now partially integrated into IFTTT

Be sure to test it out. Settings are currently a bit limited, but there it is. And honestly when creating routines you probably aren’t going to be wanting to set exact % and k values anyways.



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Thanks for the update. I have been using the IFTTT for three of my Wyze Bulb and third party doorbell for two days now. Will you be adding bulb groups soon? As of yesterday the option was one bulb or all.

Thats great news. I also which there was a direct connect with in the wyze app to allow for IFTTT like when I open the garage door for a hall light to come on and stay on until the door has been closed for ~30 seconds. There is a slight time delay so with IFTTT the light seems to turn on about the time I have already pushed back the dogs and closed the door.

Read the article in the link I am providing. It worked for my outside lights.
Using IFTT and apilio

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I’ve been using IFTTT with my bulbs. Also working on making my own applets using the IFTTT platform. Just wish I had more control over the parameters of brightness and temperature. Honestly being able to trigger a scene within the Wyze app using IFTTT trigger would be a game changer. I could run a ton of triggers using sunsets, and sunrise, and all that. That would be my hope.

In this early access section the wyze team has noted that they are working on sunset /sunrise, within the app

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@HDRock yeah the sunset/sunrise in the app is cool and I’m stoked for it, but having the ability to trigger scenes or more customized settings through IFTTT creates so many more possibilities with more tech.