Wyze bulb losing connection

same here I have four bulbs that have not consistently work for more than three or four weeks straight and I’ve had these bulbs since July also the door switches and motion sensor seems to be erratic as well

Same problem so i guess I’ll return it

Is the firmware available yet? Bought 8 bulbs and I use 6. They all disconnect within 48 hours. I have to delete and re-pair each light for the to work again. BAM they all are disconnected with 48 hrs again. Thinking about going back to Sengled.

firmware is out. hope it helps you., mine disconnected quite a bit for the first few days on the older firmware. after a couple days of disconnections, they’ve been flawless since. now a new firmware is out, it’s only been a few days but all is well.

If I turn a bulbs power off (Via light switch) it never comes back online without me re-adding it to the control panel. Massive pain. No longer recommending this item.

Hello @NJTexh and welcome to the community.

How long have you left it after turning on the switch to see if it comes online. I have one of my 8 that does get turned off by switch every day and it will reconnect after being turned on usually within 5 minutes. The main issue with turning if off by the switch is it will lose the connection because you shut off all power, it needs a tiny bit of power to maintain the connection.

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A few of my bulbs recently went offline and aren’t coming back online. Wireless signal is good. I’ve had them since they have first come out and this is the first time this has happened.

I’m going to investigate a bit more when I have time.

I have 5 bulbs and 3 of them disconnect constantly. My signal strength is good and power source doesn’t fluctuate. Very frustrated! I wouldn’t recommend buying these until the disconnect issue is resolved.

Hi, @Mixe57. Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Wyze bulbs. Have you tried to use a different bulb with one of the 3 that is giving you problems. This will help narrow down what is causing the issue whether it is an environment issue or a bad bulb. Trade out the bad bulbs with good ones and see if it makes a difference.

Wyze Bulb FAQ

Start a Support Ticket

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Yes, I relocated/reset bulb and they appeared to work fine. During this time I had other bulbs in my group disconnect as the switch indicator icons appeared with a cloud and line. I can’t find any reason why these disconnect. Prior to installing Wyze bulbs, in the same bulb sockets, I had Osram Lightify bulbs that worked great. The only thing I can think of is that the Wyze bulbs may be more sensitive to IR interference.

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Same issue. I have 2 bulbs. One keeps dropping offline. Sometimes it stays connected for 3-4 days sometimes just a day. I have to unscrew the bulb and screw it back in to reset. I tried swapping bulbs. Issues still remains. Wifi signal is good and equal for both.

Same problem. I turned the bulb on by hand and it reconnected automatically. Did not need to delete from the app or reload.

I am jumping back into this thread because I too was very unhappy with my Wyze bulbs when I first bought them back in December. I so wanted them to work. They kept going offline. I did everything I saw on this forum. I reinstalled them, I moved them closer to the wifi router, I lit candles and said a prayer. :roll_eyes: Nothing worked. After every attempt, they would all end up in an offline state where I had to repower them off and then back on to reconnect for intermittent periods of time.

Then I finally did one thing I had not done. I submitted a ticket to Wyze’s support. Within a day they had me run a network analysis and suggested I may have latency issues in my network. Their response: “What we’ve noticed is that it looks like there is some packet loss on your network as well as latency - or a delay on the commands given and the other end receiving it. Possible causes of this are bad ethernet cable to modem, or an issue inside the ISPs infrastructure. For this, I would advise rebooting your router. The WiFi is giving very limited results in this scan which could be caused by that packet loss/latency.”

I thought it was BS. I had 20+ smart devices and they all worked 100% of the time except my Wyze bulbs. Well, I did realize that I had a 6 year old wi fi router and maybe I could optimize things. I am investing in more Smart Technology and wanted to make sure I had the best Wi-Fi infrastructure I could. I bought 2 Google Nest Wi-Fi Routers. I hard wired them together on opposite ends of the house (home is about 3,400 sq feet and 2 stories). I upgraded my internet to 300 MB/s. Lo and behold all 4 of my Wyze bulbs have been 100% connected for almost 2 months now. Not 1 single offline. occurrence.

I’m not saying that is what is causing these issues with everybody. I am just saying that was the issue in my home and replacing my Wi-Fi corrected the problem completely. I wish the bulb’s handled latency issues and/or packet loss as well as the Wyze camera’s but it does not appear they do.

Just be sure to leverage the Wyze Support team. They did respond to me multiple times and they were trying to fix my issue.


I eneed up grouping my 2 bulbs and they havent gone offline since. Seems to have fixed the problem where one of then would go offline every day.

Thanks for your post. My bulb issues sound identical to what you were experiencing. I contacted my cable/internet provider and asked them to adjust my router. I have 32 smart devices running in my house so the net signal was unstable. AT&T adjusted a few things over the phone and all my disconnected bulbs came back online and are working flawlessly with multiple IFTTT triggers in place. Now I’m very happy!


I will have to try that. I spoke too soon. Thought my bulbs were working fine but no. Same one that always goes offline did it again.

Any chance the bulbs will be fixed so they stay online? This issue has been going on a LONG time. They are VERY unreliable.

I had same problem for months. It turned out that my I had some spots in my home with fluctuating Wi-Fi signal strength. I ended up getting WiFi extenders from my cable provider and my bulb problem was fixed.

Every once in a while when I get a bulb that goes offline, I just power cycle the bridge and camera. That brings all my bulbs and motion sensors back online. Took my a long time to figure out that much of these problems are because of WiFi signal, not the bulbs.

Since I got the WiFi extenders, I can get consistent bulb operability with 50 ft range between my bulb and bridge.

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My bulbs are close to router. Signal should be strong. I actually thought it was fixed as I went 2 weeks with no trouble then the past couple days offline more than on. My bulbs from another company have been rock solid. 2 years without going down!

The camera and bridge have nothing to do with the bulb, other than potentially use the same WiFi SSID than the camera uses (if that’s how you have it set up). The bridge is only there for the motion and contact sensors.
The bridge and sensors communicate via a 900 something frequency whereas wifi is 2.4 for the bulbs and camera. There may have been wifi congestion or your original router may not have been able to handle all the wireless connections you had connected to it. I had some issues similar to yours, and after upgrading away from my original all in one router/modem from the ISP to an access point, everything has been solid.

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