Wyze bulb losing connection

same here I have four bulbs that have not consistently work for more than three or four weeks straight and I’ve had these bulbs since July also the door switches and motion sensor seems to be erratic as well

Same problem so i guess I’ll return it

Is the firmware available yet? Bought 8 bulbs and I use 6. They all disconnect within 48 hours. I have to delete and re-pair each light for the to work again. BAM they all are disconnected with 48 hrs again. Thinking about going back to Sengled.

firmware is out. hope it helps you., mine disconnected quite a bit for the first few days on the older firmware. after a couple days of disconnections, they’ve been flawless since. now a new firmware is out, it’s only been a few days but all is well.

If I turn a bulbs power off (Via light switch) it never comes back online without me re-adding it to the control panel. Massive pain. No longer recommending this item.

Hello @NJTexh and welcome to the community.

How long have you left it after turning on the switch to see if it comes online. I have one of my 8 that does get turned off by switch every day and it will reconnect after being turned on usually within 5 minutes. The main issue with turning if off by the switch is it will lose the connection because you shut off all power, it needs a tiny bit of power to maintain the connection.

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A few of my bulbs recently went offline and aren’t coming back online. Wireless signal is good. I’ve had them since they have first come out and this is the first time this has happened.

I’m going to investigate a bit more when I have time.