Wyze bulb losing connection

I had issues with one of mine in a ceiling fan at first because the housing it was in was metal, I re-aimed the light a bit so it could get a better signal


I’m having similar issues / just got 4 plugs delivered on top of 7 bulbs, can connect them - leaving the switch on & still no luck.

Doesn’t matter which outlets, have tried multiple circuits to see if that was the issue… these things just don’t stay connected

  • Wyze what are you going to do about this, seems like a major issue to me…
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It’s just strange that they’d work fine after initial setup, then none of them connected the next day.

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If they do have a weak signal, and I am not saying they do or don’t as I do not know your setup, they could lose it very easily. The easiest way to check a possible cause, bulb vs environment, is to swap a bulb you know works fine like the one in your bedside lamp with the one in the fan, if the problem follows the bulb get support involved as it is most likely a bulb issue, but if the working bulb has an issue in the fan you need to start looking at what is causing it to lose signal in the environment.


Yep, that was my first thought too, so I immediately went to my bedroom with my router and tried that room after the failures, same issue.

I wish I would have found this forum prior to buying, instead of listening to word of mouth prior to purchase. Lesson learned, doubt I will buy another Wyze product moving forward until the forum echo’s that it’s fixed the connectivity issues

I love the WYZE cams but the bulbs continue to go offline for no apparent reason. I will unfortunately need to move to an alternative solution for lighting.

I been experiencing this issue since they changed the scheduling app. Now the bulb will turn on and remain on for a few minutes and automatically turn off regardless of scheduling or manually turning on the light. I’ve checked my wifi signal (I have a strong signal of -37db). I have an above average router (Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800) where I can beam a wifi signal directly to the peripheral but light continues to turn off. I’ve cycled through of the 4 original bulbs I purchased and they all do the same thing. Called technical support went through a number of troubleshooting steps to no avail.
Wyze needs to figure it out and soon. Oh, why they are at it, they need to fix their scheduling app so that you do not have to create two separate rules to set a turn on time at 6pm -11:59pm and another from 12:00am-06:00am. Makes absolutely no sense!
Good luck everyone!

After a little over two weeks of flawless performance, (since the last firmware update and app update, anyway… Prior to that, however, they had been disconnected from the network far more than they were ever connected, and I was about ready to throw them in the trash), I’ve lost a bulb again… Got the ladder out, and tried the “unscrewing and screwing back in” trick …but no joy as of yet. :pensive:

I hope they all don’t follow suit… again…

Double checked everything else on the network and everything else is connected just fine,. So, I see no reason to reboot the router just because one bulb won’t connect…

The bulbs continue to be the “weak link” in the Wyze product line… (and a huge disappointment).

I’ll give it another couple of days, but this time, if I can’t get it to connect, they’re all going in the junk drawer and I’ll going back to my standard LED bulbs… Maybe version 2 of the Wyze bulbs will be better… if there ever is a version two, that is. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah my bulbs worked without issue since I first installed about 2 months ago, but when I installed the latest update last Friday they started bouncing offline. I’ve tried every possible troubleshooting option and yet they will not stay connected reliably. At this point it is affecting 7 of 8 bulbs. I contacted support on Sunday and have heard nothing. Wyze is starting to lose their shine. Paying less for product that doesn’t work is not beneficial. And if they won’t support it, in the end it’s wasted money.

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My thoughts exactly, at this point I have given all my hardware, sensors, bulbs etc to a close friend who has Wyze camera’s, maybe he can get some use out of them…

  • I’ll never buy another product from this company, completely wasted $200, and more importantly my time. For a company based in Washington State, i really expected more.
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I have not had many issues with any of the products, I know others have. Just curious why you expect more from a company based in Washington State. It is a serious question, I have never put what state a company is located in as to what I expect from them, so maybe there is something about that state im unaware of.

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They are based out of Kirkland, which is about 15 minutes from Seattle & Bellevue/ Kirkland. (Amazon/ Microsoft etc). The amount of hardware development/ coding talent out here is available. The company just failed to finish their product before releasing it and we as consumers paid the price.

I see your point about the talent out there, I had not thought of it that way. I have not had the problems that I see people experiencing, I am not positive it is firmware issues. I think there were some hardware issues in some but I know some problems have also been where and how people are attempting to use them, so I don’t feel I can lay the blame on the talent at WYZE. That is solely my opinion though.

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In my opinion Wyze’s location is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the issue lies somewhere between the components of their hardware and firmware. Wyze has tried to troubleshoot the issues out the standard help desk handbook and quickly to place blame on their customer’s internal network. As a network engineer and in my specific case (issues) I know this not to be the case. I did not experiencing any issues until Wyze updated the firmware and implemented changes to rules and scheduling. A company that’s promoting the exploration of new innovative ways to use their product be producing a reliable product that can perform outside the box. Personally, I believe they were aware of issues early on and did not address them, thinking their customer base would dismiss the issues based on the low price point of their product. With Wyze’s recent and convenient loss of customer order history due to technical issues a telling sign something really stinks here. I think it’s time to file an official complaint with the BBB and possible reason to contact the AG. It’s not ideal but if they cant resolve issues with their product then they need to issue a buyback and stop selling the product until its resolved. Anything less is fraud in my book.

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The Wyze bulbs are a pain. They are offline randomly. Sometimes I can reconnect them semi-easily but sometimes a day or so will pass before a bulb will reconnect. These bulbs ARE NOT working out for us. I want them out of my house and out of my life! Today I emailed Wyze about how to return the bulbs. I have no faith in the ones I bought and already wrapped as Xmas gifts–I want to be rid of them, too. The cameras? They work just fine.

You might want to reconsider, they are testing new firmware for the bulbs to improve connection success rate.

It’s Friday and I still have heard nothing from support. very frustrating. The bulbs continue to go online and offline throughout the day.

What method did you use to contact support and do you have a ticket #

I sent a message through the app on my IPhone - twice.

Hi, @mickeyzalewski. If you will post the support ticket number you received from the Wyze email, we can have a Wyze employee check the status of the ticket.

As @Jason21271 mentioned above :point_up:

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