Wyze Bulb Launch

Hello EA friends!

It’s been a busy week at Wyze: we launched person detection for Wyze Cam, held 2 AMAs, hired a new product designer (welcome @grobison), and are having a company-wide beer tasting today!

And the party keeps going next week with the official launch of Wyze Bulb! We haven’t announced this publicly yet so let’s keep this news in the Early Access community.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to setup and play with your new Wyze Bulbs. If you want to create schedules or automations (hello Wyze Sense!) check out the instructions here.

Thanks again for being an Early Access backer… your support and feedback is what allows us to keep building and improving products. If you have time please help us spread the word about Wyze Bulb and leave a review on our website.

Leave us a review!

Thanks again!
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Glad to see they are going to be launched soon, planning on gifting Some.
I just got mine off the porch so no playing quite yet

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Can we early access peeps who missed the preorder order before the unwashed masses? :joy:

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The unwashed masses don’t know it’s launching so you’ll have a heads up!

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Hopefully I finally get my Early access order before the launch! Very frustrating shipping.


OK so when are you we going to get 100 Watt equivalent bulb?

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I really like my new bulbs so far. I have it set up with alexa to turn on as dinning Room for all four. I do think it would be nice to have a way to set up all bulbs at once as a joint location. Without this option I had to screw one bulb in at a time and set them up in the Wyze app. To have an option to somehow set all up at once would be amazing and much faster.

I wonder if it is even possible to have it set up All bulbs at once ?, Has anyone ever set up 4 or 5 cameras at once ?

I dont think you can because you have to scan the qr code, no way to scan them all at once

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I’m glad they’re going to be launched next week Because I didn’t know I was going to like these bulbs so much , I love em.
Now I need more, I have ordered a new 3 light floor lamp to use them in also, need some more for the basement, And definitely have to send some to my daughter.
I think I’m going to need some plugs too when they are ready for pre order

What day next week?

Im absolutely loving the light bulbs. Thanks!

Agreed! I think I was one of the first to order…Still waiting.

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It’s next week!! Where are the bulbs!!?? :rofl:

:bulb::bulb::bulb: Okay friends… the time is near: we are launching Wyze Bulb TOMORROW! :bulb::bulb::bulb:

I also wanted to make sure you all know we’re hearing your concerns & requests about how Wyze Bulb works. The biggest issue we’re working on is adding support content & updating the app to make it easier for Android users to set the Bulb up. I’m sorry that many of you had frustrations there. We are also working on improving scheduling & automation so it will be easier & more intuitive. Keep the thoughts coming & if you haven’t left us a review yet, please do! Link here

Thanks again for being part of the Early Backer community. Ya’ll are the heart of Wyze. :heart:


Nice! I just got mine delivered today, still setting them up. :grin::bulb:

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Thank you @WyzeMike! I received my WyzeBulbs Monday afternoon (15-Jul) and have them easily configured. So far I’ll give it an 11 on the 1-10 scale.

Although I don’t have any Wyze Sense hardware I was able to create an IFTTT applet using the Wyze service. When a camera detects motion a WyzeBulb is turned on. While setting this up I thought of a few wish list items:

  1. the ability to toggle the on/off state of the bulb via an IFTTT applet
  2. ability to save WyzeBulb ‘Scenes’ to the phone home screen for super fast access to lighting control

I apologize if I’m duplicating wish list items previously posted. If so, just count my vote.


Thanks for the heads up Mike, Will be ordering more :+1: :smiley: bulb

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@WyzeMike: Is the launch only going to be through the Wyze App, like it was for the Early Access?
Or, are they going to be available in the Wyze “Shop”?
When will they be available on Amazon?

I am going to order more just to see if they get to me before my early access order ever shows up!!! :wink:

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