Wyze bulb firmware update failed

my update failed. could no longer control bulb. wont let me try to update again. i deleted the light bulb from my my app to try to set it up all over and now i can’t pair at all

I would submit a ticket for this. They may need to replace the bulb. I am not currently aware of a fix, but would be interested to hear if anyone has one.

I have not run into this problem, I did have one that had issues updating, failed 3 times but it finally took

Have you tried to do a factory reset on the bulb yet.

To perform a factory reset on your Wyze Bulb:

  1. Turn the light switch associated with the bulb on/off 3 times
  2. Wait for the Wyze Bulb to start pulsing slowly
  3. Once the bulb starts pulsing, you can either set it up again, or turn the light off to preserve the factory state.

Firmware update fails. Bulb works fine. Looks great! Works with Alexa and Assistant and IFTTT. Factory reset. Upstate still fails. Will advise on how the other 3 fare.

Just curious if this got fixed or not, I am now having the same issue as the original post. Bulbs are working just fine, but keep failing the update. Going from to Maybe a new issue in the back end. Bulbs are still tied to the app, however, I can not control them with the app.

I’m having the same issue with my last 2 bulbs. They will install to the app, but cannot control them or update the firmware (fails every time). The bulbs I installed last month still work fine.


At this time there appears to be a problem in the Wyze cloud that is impacting bulb control for multiple users (including me). I’m hoping they can resolve the issue quickly.

I have having the same problem. One bulb will not upgrade after several attempts. The bulb works fine.

I read one person turned their (power) bulb off for an hour and was able to upgrade firmware after that , also check this thread

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Same problem here with 1 of 4 bulbs. Numerous attempts, reset to factory…nothing works.