📣 Wyze Bulb Early Access (Limited Pre-Order On May 21, 9am PST)

Edit: Here’s the AMA Live Stream!

Hello Everyone,

I’m Mark from the Wyze Product Team. Several members have already seen the upcoming Wyze Bulb Early Access, ready for pre-order on Tuesday 9am Pacific Time!

We would be glad to answer any questions that you might have about the product so we are also doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA). Feel free to leave your questions here and we will review and answer them on Tuesday. We look forward to hearing your feedback and questions.

Edit: Ok, so word got out but to make it clear, Wyze Bulb will only be available to purchase in the mobile app. Make sure you check it on Tuesday!

The AMA will also be done in-app. https://zatznotfunny.com/2019-05/wyze-bulbs/ and we will answers questions posted here or in the Comments section of the Wyze Bulb.

Thanks for sending all your questions and feedback!


Wyze Team


I’m getting webpage not available when I try and shop in the Android app

will that be fixed soon? I want more pan cameras.

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Will their be grouping of bulbs like the senses or cameras? And will there be bulk buys available. Meaning can I replace all my led’s with them fairly cheaply? 36 plus bulbs in the house.

Edit Also will they be able to be controlled with Google home / assistant at the house and away from the house?


Just wondering what price point you would term “fairly cheaply”?

Like maybe $20 for four of them if at all possible. I mean the Philips Hue starter kits with 4 lights are going for $99 bucks. Im hoping Wyze can disrupt the market again.

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Do you expect that to be 4 with or without a hub/bridge that plugs into your camera?

I believe its possible for this to happen at a cheap enough price with a bridge. Maybe $40 bucks for 4 then. I think smart lights are way over priced. This is why I recommended instead of smart lights. Smart switches.


Well the Hue are on sale now for $10@

about where basic 60 watt equivalent LED’s were a few years ago.

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Will you have GU10 bulbs available? If not available at launch, could you consider having them in your roadmap? I currently have a very large amount of LIFX bulbs and they have never worked as they should. It should have been fine if they stuck to their original plan of a master and slave setup, but when they changed to all on wifi, it just didn’t seem to work as expected.

How many sizes available?

Thank you for all the questions! We will be collecting and making sure we have the right info before publishing. Also watch out for the AMA where we will go over these. Keep them coming!

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  1. Will the bulbs be operable through Alexa/google at launch, or any time in the foreseeable future?
  2. Will they integrate with ifttt at launch or future?
  3. White color temperature tuneable (cool light vs warm light)?
  4. Will lights be able to be turned on for X minutes through app based upon motion triggered by camera motion detection and/or Wyze Sense? Or, shut off after X minutes of motion clear ?
  5. Plans for RGB color bulbs?



You literally asked all my questions i have. i 2nd this set of questions.


If you guys watch the wyze sense happy hour chat, Mike demos the bulb and shows it working with Google home.

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i think your 1, 2, and 4 are possible
3 and 5 will increase the price significantly

The demo they show in the happy hour video shows that the white is already tuneable to warm or daylight via app.

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As far as color bulbs, Merkury Geenie rgb smart bulbs sell for $12, so I think it’s possible to have color bulbs for reasonable price.

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So am I reading this correctly @WyzeMark, pre-order starts at 9am 5/21, but AMA isn’t until 12pm 5/21? I mean it is wyze, so I’ll gladly order blindly, but seems like the times should be swapped.