Wyze Bulb Disconnected?

I’ve set up two of my four new bulbs and had them running for a couple of days without issues. Last night one of them disconnected and put itself in set-up mode. The app indicated the bulb was offline with a “cloud” icon. The other bulb remained online. I thought the light switch might have been turned off but that doesn’t seem to have been the case. I went through the add a product process again and after a little lag, the bulb came back online and my three shortcut settings were still intact.

I don’t have any idea what triggered this but thought I’d pass it along in case others are seeing the same issue or have found a problem. The bulb is not on a dimmer,I am running the bulbs on 2.4 network mainly with my iPhone X. The bulb is located on my covered back porch at some distance from my router but I do have several sensors operating ok further away. I plan to set up my remaining 2 bulbs at another location in similar manner when I am next there.

FYI, my new iPhone battery seems to be draining quite a bit faster recently but I don’t know if this could be related to more Wyze cam app or the new bulbs. Anyone else seeing this change?

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Thanks, Dale

@dtsteele, if this continues to happen, please submit feedback through the app (with logs) so Wyze can look into the issue.

App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Thanks. I have had similar problems and posted feedback as requested yesterday. The bulb went offline again yesterday and my app lost the “off” button to turn it off. A timer continued to run but didn’t put the bulb off this morning. I went through the set-up process again and the first time seemed successful but didn’t regain control of the bulb. A second try a few minutes later did. My app continued to have the shortcuts I created earlier and the “off” button returned. I will continue to monitor the app. Meanwhile my other installed bulb has not shown these problems.


I had similar issue. Turning the switch on the lamps off then back on brought them all back online

@dtsteele, were you able to get this resolved with Wyze tech support?

I am still monitoring the bulb after a reoccurrence a couple of days back but the bulb has been mostly stable. Wyze tech support is keeping the ticket open. I will post an update later. Thanks, Dale


Same issue over here. All 4 of my bulbs have ended up in a disconnected state, more than once.

Same here. Have 4 bulbs and 3 are showing up offline. My sister turned them on to make sure they work but they still show up offline. I’m traveling and so it’s irritating bc I got these exactly for travel and can’t fix now!

I guess I have to reboot to make them work!

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I have a related question. I’m getting ready to install 2 bulbs at a remote location I’ll only have periodic access to. If I experience any problems with occasional bulb disconnects or similar has anyone found any remote actions to bring the bulbs back online?
The only thing I can think of now is turning my router off and on which I can do remotely. The same situation exists when I’m traveling and any problems come up with my home bulbs. Is there anything I can do then other than ask someone else to turn the bulbs on and off or me restarting the router? Other strategies?

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Same problem with the three bulbs installed. All went offline at different times and have not been back to restart them.