Wyze Bulb Color - Smart WiFi bulb with 16 million colors & sleep routines

I’d like rgbw or rgbww, bulbs that can do color but also have the ability to do white (not just the RGB leds all on). Decorating for Christmas or lighting for Halloween are ideas I want to try. Wall wash or ambbient lighting are things I’d use them for the rest of the year. And last and most importantly i have always wanted to be able to put the house into a “red alert” mode. Lol.


Thank y’all so much for the great inputs!!! I’m very excited and committed to building a great color lighting experience with you! Please don’t surprised if I reach out to you with more questions :wink:
Kim, Product Manager of the color bulb


You’re welcome…looking forward to hearing from you.



Aloha, Mike Niebuhr


Looking forward to replacing all my Phillips color bulbs with Wyze color bulbs!

What made you pick Philips?


If you are using other-brand’s color bulbs, how did you decide which brand(s) to get?

For the brand you are using right now, what features/improvements would you wish they could do?

Also couple of you mentioned Philips Hue was too expensive to have it in every room, which room(s) did you put your color bulbs in?


I got a cheap brand that works with the smart life app. But, I would love to replace with wyze versions. What I like about Philips, but too expensive for me, is that they don’t connect via WiFi. This allows for less congestion on the network by using z-wave. That would be the best option, but seeing as your current bulbs are not z-wave, I don’t see you guys doing that. Currently have 60 devices on one AP, which is only rated for 200 devices, but I do see a lot of congestion still.


I used a bunch of brands, cheaper Price of the lightify brand and ease of use is why I purchased those.

I bought both Lifx and Hue then tested them side by side. I went with Hue because I already had Hue white bulbs and I liked the color better over the Lifx bulbs.

I am very satisfied with my Hue bulbs. They work when the internet is out, they connect to HomeKit and I really like their color reproduction over the other bulbs. The only improvement I think they can make would be to figure out how to drop the cost by about $30+ per bulb.

I only have the full color bulbs in my main rooms such as the kitchen, living room and dining room. Bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways have either standard bulbs which I haven’t replaced yet or smart white bulbs. If the price was a lot cheaper I would have put the full color bulbs in all the rooms.

Lastly, I think for most customers your going to want to do a Zigbee based bulb to reduce congestion on networks. I have an AP that can support 200 clients and I can always add another AP to spread out and add more clients but that isnt the case for most home users who utilize a single wifi router or consumer mesh system.

Thanks for keeping the community involved. Really looking forward to this product!


zigbee would be nice. bonus points for making it compatible with Hue hub and Amazon Hub


Oh yea, zigbee. I forgot that is the current protocol Hue uses. For some reason I was thinking z-wave, but I think z-wave is an older technology. In any case, a protocol to lower network congestion would be nice.

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We currently only have two color changing bulbs in the house and those are both in light fixtures outside. We went with Philips Hue because of a couple factors. At the time they were one of the most reliable color changing bulbs on the market. The other was that we are trying to minimalize the array of brands we have in our house and thus keep the number of apps required to use them down. As our other smart bulbs at the time were all Philips Hue it only made sense.

We have no real complaint about Philips Hue except for their price point.

I’d like to tack on here that I am hoping that Wyze will add a hub. Too many bulbs could really bog down the wifi. We DO like that the bulbs we use with Philips Hue have a hub and I’m hoping as this all progresses that Wyze will do the same. If they don’t we will sadly probably hit a point where we will have to limit the number of Wyze bulbs.

I already mentioned that the only two we have are outside. If I may though, I’d like to tell you where we would put color changing bulbs if Wyze puts them out and they are much more cost effective.

I would put them in the office, the garage, all three occupied bedrooms (probably not in the guest bedroom), the master bath, the living room and dining room. Might be convinced by the kids to put one in their bathroom. Probably would put one more outside in the backyard (that one currently isn’t color changing).

Rooms like the living and dining room I must confess would have a lot riding on price point. The dining room especially since we have 10 light bulbs in there. It is because of this that instead of getting smart LEDs (white light) we went for normal LEDs and a smart switch. While I don’t see us reverting in part because the smart switch helps with another issue we have in that room, if the price tag is decent I could see us eventually replacing the bulbs in there with yours, not for full control, but simply to have the ability to change the color of lighting for holidays/parties/ambiance.


The bulbs that we use in our house are currently Philips WIZ (8 bulbs) and Philips hue (3 bulbs), for the hue bulbs we where bought into that system due to receiving them as a Christmas gift from a family member. The reason we went with Wiz for the rest of them was the $15 price point compared to the $50 per hue bulb.

For the Wiz bulbs the only thing that I would improve is the different modes they have to offer and the features included such as syncing to music and features along those lines. I would also prefer if they weren’t wifi based as wifi based bulbs put strain on a consumer grade router and have been degrading our wifi performance all together as each bulb acts as one client vs hue which only the hub is a client the bulbs dont act as clients themselves. Lastly the responsiveness of the bulbs do matter as wifi based bulbs have the issue where they each respond at different rates causing Alexa to hang for a second while all the bulbs respond.

The hue bulbs have been great so far and we have had zero issues with them except the odd occurrence of the bulbs resetting their color early in the morning when the hub gets assigned a new ip but that was fixed with it being assigned a static ip so I dont currently know if that is still a present issue. The other thing with hue is their price point aswell.

The rooms that have full color bulbs are bedrooms and the game room, the rest of the house currently has normal bulbs due to the high-ish price of smart bulbs.

Hope this helps in the development of these bulbs I am looking forward to buying some when they are finally released!

For me, an RGB bulb would be mostly useful for notification purposes. When my camera detects motion, for example, the light could turn green for a few seconds, before going back to its previous setting (Probably either “off,” or some temperature of white)

It’s important to me that the white spectrum of the RGB bulb looks as natural as the normal Wyze bulbs. I have a cheap LED strip behind my TV that comes with a “warm white” setting, but it glows in a really ugly and unnatural-looking yellow. It looks nothing like an actual warm white bulb. I usually keep it on the “cool white” setting, which looks normal, and looks best behind a TV anyway.

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Thank you for your responses! These are great inputs! @angelofsol

I would love to be able to control mood and use red lights at night. I have a lamp in my poker room that currently uses the white bulb, but would love to change colors for fun.

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As long as they offer a white version too I’m OK with this. But I don’t want to spend another $25-$30 per bulb for something I would never use. Just my opinion.

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I wouldn’t expect anything near that amount. The regular bulbs are about $7-8 each, basically. Might be a few bucks more, but not triple/quadruple

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I’m just going by what Hue bulbs cost now which is pretty expensive. I know Wyze is always coming in under their competitors prices but I didn’t know how much they could cut the cost. Only they would know that. Currently on Amazon a Hue 2pack is $90. So I just have no idea what Wyze can do pricewise I was just stating my opinion like I said

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Yeah, Hue bulbs are way expensive. I think that’s probably one of the reasons Wyze decided to enter that market in the first place.

For comparison, there’s an RGB WiFi bulb by Merkury at Walmart for $12.88, or two for $20. The white version is $7.88, which is in the same ballpark as the Wyze Bulb, although it’s not tunable white, so it’s actually an inferior product, despite the simliar price point. But that’s the general price range I’d probably expect. Maybe even a little less.

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…they make a white one it’s $7.