Wyze Bulb Color - Smart WiFi bulb with 16 million colors & sleep routines

Aloha to all, I have lifx bulbs and panels, they work great in every application i have deployed. The only other Smart home product i use is WYZE, all connected with google home mini and chromecast devices. LIFX just has items that suit my needs. a multi color range of Light Strips, Bulbs, and Light panels from WYZE would be a home run.IMO…i would certainly love to have one less “provider”…for me evry product that WYZE has come out with works fabulously and to date …with out fail…simple and stable,
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Agree. With all the other companies doing full color bulbs, there’s no reason Wyze shouldn’t get in the game! If the consumer wants it, why wait for them to buy elsewhere? Seize the moment Wyze!


I would like to see the wyze smart bulb in green light for grow rooms

Maybe increased brightness tunable white bulbs too, like 75w & 100w equivalent luminosity.


In addition to this a truly accurate brightness scale. As discussed in other posts 1% on the current bulb is still pretty bright.

A full color bulb would also work great for integrating it onto the sensors. For insistence the bulb could turn Blue if the door is opened, or motion is detected, or Green if the garage door has been left opened.

This would also work great for deaf people, or older people who are hard of hearing.


Hi guys! I wanted to introduce our newest Product Manager… @WyzeKim! She is going to be taking over the lighting/power category and one of her first products is the full RGB Wyze Bulb. We’re super excited about this project and want to gather all your input. A big question we have is why do you want a full color bulb instead of just tunable white? @WyzeKim will ask many more questions and gathering your ideas so thanks in advance for your help! Together we can build the best color bulb on the market!


Need green for grow rooms

Aloha! I currently use and have LIFX bulbs and tiles…The BIGGEST reason I desire full color is for mood control… Ambience is a major part of creating a living space occupants ATTITUDE, and as the cliche goes…Attitude is everything.be it a romantic dinner, watching TV, or in my application…on a Yacht…night vision…using the color Red or Deep Blue…or simply a reading light…
If you want pictures just ask…I have been with WYZE from the beginning and in my opinion you guys are the best. Top to bottom.I have struck up conversation with Matt, Gwendolyn, Chris…and Yu Pin…EVERYONE has been fabulous, professional and diligent in my requests and inquiry.

I want to be FIRST in line for the full color bulbs and The Outdoor Camera…In that regard I have the FIRST ONE, and it works flawlessly on the Yacht…I can’t wait to get a few more…

If you could make it so I am on the list to participate more on the Outdoor Cam and Full Color Bulb

I will be humbly thankful, and at your service.

I closing, I am not adept at the blog thing on fb…I dislike fb very much do to their unethical behavior as to data mining and resale…not to mention their free speech issues…and in my view…simply put…privacy, security invasions…God bless them for being creative…it’s just not my cuppa tea.


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So happy this has made it this far! I use full color for a couple different applications.

Change the Porch light color for different holidays.

In my bedroom and bathrooms I have the lights come on Red at night with motion so we’re not blinded going to the bathroom.

And because it’s fun! Lol

Looking forward to replacing all my Phillips color bulbs with Wyze color bulbs!


I think the main reason for full color bulbs is mood. I have a few now and when I’m watching movies I like to set them to blue so it’s not just a white light in the background and it’s easy on the eyes. The other use I have for them is the holidays and parties that I host at my house. If I ask Google to set my Christmas scene it controls a bunch of different smart items such as plugs, Christmas lights and specifically my Philips Hue bulbs and turns them green and red all over the house. I have a scene for when I’m watching football and I want to represent my team. It’s a fun way to bring people together and set the mood. Lastly I haven’t done this yet myself but I have seen quite a few people use them for specific event triggers. A bulb turning red might mean someone is approaching the front door while blue means you got a text message.

I’m really looking forward to full color bulbs from Wyze. If Philips wasn’t so expensive I would have used full color bulbs for every room since I rather have the option to change the color if I choose too rather than being stuck with a bunch of shades of white. Eventually the goal would be replace all my Philips bulbs with Wyze. A big suggestion I have would be to make sure these bulbs are HomeKit compatible from launch. I think Wyze is missing the mark when it comes to Apple Integration and I know for a lot of people it’s what’s stoping them from buying more Wyze products. I have already voted for HomeKit in the wishlist but figure it’s relevant here as well since we are at the beginning stages of a new product.


I want an RGB bulb to light up my porch blue for Autism Awareness for my daughter, and blue for my family members that are police officers. Maybe tune it to red for Halloween, or red for Christmas…even green for Earth Day and pink for breast cancer awareness.

Also, would love to see a strobe option or maybe a smooth transition through preset colors.


Aloha! I currently use and have LIFX bulbs and tiles…The BIGGEST reason I desire full color is for mood control… Ambience is a major part of creating a living space occupants ATTITUDE, and as the cliche goes…Attitude is [everything… Be it a romantic dinner, watching TV, or in my application…on a Yacht…night vision…using the color Red or Deep Blue…or simply a reading light…the ability to create mood via full color bulbs, along with aroma therapy, and one favourite music…
What else would one need? Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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I have LED strips that apart from warm white can do full RGB and it would be great to be able to match for total mood lighting.

Great for parties/get togethers :grimacing::ok_hand:t2:


Primary use is same as most… mood/ambiance. The biggest problems with most RBG bulbs on the market are oversized footprint, insufficient light output and horrible rendering of whites. Keep the footprint close to A19 spec with an E26 base, provide 75W or greater equivalent output, and ~2700K-6000K tunable white LEDs combined with separate RGB LEDs and I’ll purchase a mess of them. Perhaps you could work with this manufacturer to incorporate Wyze functionality into their existing design. I’m currently using these combined with Wyze plugs exclusively for mood control throughout my house. They are warm white vs tunable white, but have everything else I’m looking for other than Wyze functionality. What makes them stand out from their competition? Brightness:


Currently have Hue bulbs. Way to expensive but work well. I have need for affordable strip lights, under cabinets or around TV etc. All for mood lighting.

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I would absolutely be a buyer of a colored bulb. I have Hue whites everywhere in my home. The only thing that would get me to change any of these out would be to have color control inexpensively. Mood lighting is awesome, as are scenes.


April is Autism awareness month, and I put a BLUE bulb in my porch light and it is on 24/7 all month for my youngest son. November is GREEN for Military appreciation, as a veteran, and for all other veterans and active duty personnel. Would save me from having to change the bulb (and not sure how much longer the cover is going to put up with several openings a year)
Thanks for the great products!


I definitely want full color bulbs, but will echo Seapup - many current cheap bulbs have terrible brightness and color accuracy, especially when it comes to white.

A Wyze color bulb needs to be bright - anything less than 800 lumens is not worth it, IMO.
Both white and color need to be accurate and bright.

Lastly, for me, Homekit support is a must. My 3 current Wyze bulbs create some headaches by not supporting Homekit (the 4th from the kit is unused as the other locations I would use it absolutely require Homekit).
I use Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Homekit - no one solution is perfect.
For example, I want quick access from my iPhone via homekit for my daughter’s bedside lamp. The living room is fine without it, because I use an Echo most of the time there.
But when bedtime comes, I want Homekit again - I repurposed an old hotel key as an NFC trigger. When I put my phone on my bedstand (the key taped underneath), it triggers the bedtime routine using Apple’s Shortcuts app and Homekit.


One reason is because regular warm or daylight bulbs are good sometimes, but other times you want to change up how your home looks without redecorating. Light can change up any room. Two, a bulb that’s blue in color and set to 1% brightness is way darker than a bulb that’s warm and at 1% brightness. Sometimes colored bulbs come in handy at night when you want it to be as dark as possible, so as not to disturb other’s sleep, while at the same time giving off enough light for someone to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I hope you guys eventually make harder to find bulb types such as G25 for vanity mirrors and also A15 for ceiling fans. These are two bulb types that are very hard to get for smart homes, if at all. If you conquered both these bulb types and sold them affordably, you would have a huge leg up on Philips Hue, Sengled, Lifx, and other companies.


Why my household wants color bulbs instead of just tunable white?

  1. They are great for holiday decorating when used in outdoor fixtures. It’s easy to change the bulb color to celebrate a myraid of holidays with the touch of a few buttons and spruces things up outside. Want to show green around veteran’s day to support them no problem and no need to go out and physically change the bulb. Want orange for halloween it’s just a couple clicks of a button. Red by the front door and green over the garage for Christmas? Done!

  2. If it’s integrated with IFTTT then the bulbs can flash a certain color for various alerts (like if paired with a smart doorbell). This is great for those who might be deaf. For those who aren’t deaf if you have areas of the house where it’s hard to hear things like the doorbell or if the front door is open this can help alert them otherwise.

  3. Moodlighting. People like us want our smarthomes to be able to be as customizable as other smart devices. Maybe I want a light greenish light for my office, but a warm yellow glow (more yellow than white light can provide) to relax as I take a bath. It also has uses indoor to decorate or give more ambiance inside for holidays and/or parties.

  4. They’re just fun. The applications for bulbs that can change color are really only constrained by the imagination.