Wyze Bulb Color - Smart WiFi bulb with 16 million colors & sleep routines

There is no such agreement until you’ve actually been accepted into actually testing something. The only thing I’ve done is signed up on some website platform and created a profile and click the button. No NDAs or anything was presented to me as of yet.

the original beta test started here … And this was my only contact was from here. that is what I’m referring to and complaining about specifically. since I’m not getting any communications back or any way to contact anyone via this new platform my only venue is to come here and ask for updates.
the new platform is publicly available for anyone to sign up for anyway so they can read the same thing and see the same information regardless.
And since they seem to use code words and very generic terminology in the preview pages it’s anyone’s guess what they’re actually doing.
Far as I understand it I’m not part of any sort of beta at all I’m really just signed up to get notified of betas… Fill out a form That basically just submits you already created profile and it maybe asks you a few additional questions… and then if you never hear back from them forget about it.
It’s actually a pretty poor system compared to the other companies I’ve worked with and the platforms they use.

I do agree however that using Facebook messaging to do betas is absolutely ridiculous and quite frankly unacceptable a practice. I rarely use Facebook myself so that’s why I kept coming here to message them to get any sort of progress update since I don’t check my Facebook.

Just wanted to throw my wishlist out here.

  • Zigbee option, even if it takes a hub, so that we don’t have to kill our Wi-fi with light bulbs. Save that for the cameras.
  • Allow custom scenes for holidays and special events.
  • Let the bulb blink when motion or sensor is triggered by other Wyze devices to silently let us know when something is going on. And please allow us to set different number of blinks to different triggers so that we can tell everything apart.
  • And PLEASE don’t forget to allow it to remember its last power state in case of power outages or the light switch is flipped off.

What is the game plan for a Wyze smart color LED bulb? Love the white bulbs. Nw we need a color version.

They are currently in testing as marked by the topic tag.

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As @brlepage pointed out they are currently in testing but there is not a timeline for release yet


It recently passed through the FCC… so i’d assume that it comes soon…

Waiting for the color LED bulbs before buying. Hopefully it is coming soon.

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Looks like it’s close. Noticed this after I updated the app.

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Anyone want to start predictions on the announcement date? I’m guessing it will be a Tuesday.

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Shoot- i thought i was posting on wishlist!
Please be patient- i know, i know

I cant find this under wishlist, but it’s my first time here so maybe I’m just blind.
I would LOVE Wyze bulbs but I just adore my overpriced hue bulbs. I have no doubt Wyze will make a more affordable, brighter, hubless option and I hope to see it soon. There’s no way I’m alone on this so forgive the noob a possible duplicate.

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Welcome to the forums!

This thread is labeled “testing”, so keep an eye out!

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stole my answer!

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I saw this in the Shop part of the app earlier.
The ‘Learn More’ link didn’t work and it soon disappeared from the app.
I’m very excited about these. They just need to add some smart light buttons or switches like Hue have.


Today is the day! Wyze Bulb Color is officially available for preorder! We’ve been hard at work on this product for over a year and are thrilled to see it finally launch. We’re updating the entire lighting experience in the Wyze app with major improvements and new features coming throughout 2021. It all starts with Wyze Bulb Color and we’ll begin shipping preorders in March!


Hey, I cannot find the link. Can you send one? :smiley:

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@Wyze Any idea if we will be able to control color from IFTTT? Want to ensure I can control these via Home Assistant or other 3rd party apps similar to the way I do with the standard white LED Wyze bulbs. (Ultimately would like local control instead of the slower/delayed IFTTT, but I’ll take whatever I can get)

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Once this shows up in stores as a single bulb ( i only need 1 RGB smart bulb…not 3)…i will see how it compares to my Feit Electric RGB bulb.

Also, I hope Wyze put better shielding on their new RGB bulb than the white ones.
I went through 4 wyze white smart bulbs, each bought at different places over 6 months time. Each one caused so much RF interference, for my OTA TV antenna for certain channels, making them unwatchable, even when the bulb was off, and in the farthest room from the antenna. Gave them away to friends.

(The Feit bulb, i can put in same room, next to the antenna, off or on, has no effect on signal.)

sorry that some people are nocturnal jon

Where are the RGB-specific settings in Rules for Bulb Color? :frowning: They just arrived and I’m really sad to see their settings in Rules are identical to the white Bulbs.

The app/rule integration is the biggest benefit of staying in the Wyze ecosystem, and it’s missing any of the cool features I was expecting.

At the very least an ability to Shortcut, Schedule, and Device trigger with a certain RGB color. I barely use the app to control my setup, that’s what I bought all of the motion and contact sensors for.

I might just end up returning these if we don’t get some feedback from Wyze about if these basic functions are in the works and will be released soon. For Rules users these are no different from the white bulbs, besides being more expensive.

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