Wyze Bulb Color - Smart WiFi bulb with 16 million colors & sleep routines

@WyzeGwendolyn I would really like to help become a beta hardware tester for your company. I have been buying a lot of your products from the start, and really loving your platform, products, and prices. I would love the opportunity to be able to be a tester and help make products better.


We appreciate your interest! Have you filled out the general hardware tester application yet? :slight_smile:

Become a Beta Tester



I just filled out the application, thanks for including me!


Yes I have filled it out a couple of times. I have several of your products, and very excited to see the new products coming out and look forward to more.


The RGB bulb would be fantastic for a few reasons.

  • Obvious reason: tunable color (holidays, moods, etc.)
  • Have both white and color in the WYZE inventory would be helpful.
  • Feature - have an option to blink the bulb red based on camera or sensor activity!
  • Feature - Allow for color change based on time of day! (wake up feature? Night light?)
  • Feature - Allow blink with doorbell for all bulbs (we have some hearing impaired friends).
  • Wyze reliability and security over other brands. This is very important with IOT. (Using EUFY now due to Anker brand a reliability)
  • +1 to a variety of bulb sizes



Be nice to have bulbs that can change color and pulse to music, etc.


Please, please make BR30 interior lights. When you get to outside bright color changing flood lights you will own the Holidays.


I’m fairly new to using the Wyze smart bulbs, and while I don’t have any interest in a full color version, this seems the best place to group my request: I would desperately like the lowest setting to be MUCH lower than it currently is for wake and sleep! It is still quite jarring at the current level. Question for the engineers here: is this a hardware limitation? Or something that might be addressed in the app??


Awesome! Can’t wait! It’s going to be so cool! Any chance the bulbs will be smaller than the current white bulbs? My white bulbs were too big so the glass that is supposed to cover them I had to leave off because they didn’t fit properly. (But I love using them so I’m just dealing with the cover off).

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Thanks for sharing that. The Wyze Bulb is of the standard size. The color bulb is very likely gonna be the same size.


Thanks for the update on size! How is testing going? Last glimpse was in in July! Any other possible sneak peaks?

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I’m ready!

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Lets have some festive holiday colored bulbs!!

Don’t forget to add infra-red as well. This is great for the cameras at night.

Yes please! Trying to keep everything Wyze brand and not the 15 other brands of smart home devices I currently have. As Wyze release new products I am starting to sell my old ones and purchase the new ones from this amazing company!

Not this year unfortunately. Hopefully soon!

gues this got delayed again?
was invited to beta test this, told will get FaceBook message…
Pandemic happened…delayed. ok
Told no more FB, but sign up and fill out some things on some custom platform…ok.
did that months ago…
even got some invitation to test something called “project Chroma”. but never heard back

o well.

I can find several other brands of RGB bulbs for under $10 at any local hardware or general store these days.

This is a hardware testing opportunity so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be selected to test a product. There will be more opportunities in the future.
Also, each test has a name so you may not know exactly what you’re signing up for until your selected(you can always opt-out if you want). If you are, you should get an email from Wyze about the next steps.

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No. before that. was direct contacted by a wyze employee stating they would wanted to add me to the beta test. From those direct messages, it was pretty clear to me that i was to be in the test and that they would send me one.

That was almost a year ago now…clearly things changed, covid happened, then they also moved over to a completely different platform that seems to have invalidated any previous communications or statements.

I just find it annoying and frustrating, to be told i would be part of something, and then have it taken back. (well, actuly, it simply was just dropped and forgotten about and lost in the change over to some new platform)
I excepted them to have first offered guaranteed or auto accept of previous offered users into the new system…but that is not the case. I have been part of many well known companies beta tests, so I have had plenty of experience in this kinda thing. (was part of smallnetbuilders for a while, and I got many expensive networking equipment from companies like Cisco, TP-Link, Asus, and others to test and debug. Later some smartphone companies)

either way…its a cheap rgb light bulb…i guess i should have not set my expectations so high. the other brand rgb bulb i got for 2yrs now working fine…and can go buy many others for cheap. a WYZE rgb blub…to little to late…imo.

The new platform being used for testers is much better as it opens it up for those that didn’t use Facebook. It also allows them to create a much more in depth profile for all of the new additions to their line. This will allow them to be much more selective in those becoming testers. Totally understand either not being selected to test or having the test cycle cancelled. However outside of all of that one of the things you agree to when signing up for any of the beta tests is that you are not to talk about it outside of the tester platform. Coming on here (the public forum) to complain might not be seen as the best choice being that it violates the beta tester agreement.