Wyze Bulb Color Flash on Event

Add a feature to have the wyze-bulb / color flash on a event and return to original settings. Should be customizable as to color and duration based on event. This is not only nice to have but opens the usage up to people with hearing impairments to use the bulbs as notification devices.

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Great idea @ncurde!
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My mother is hard of hearing. Why not a simple audio device to “listen” for a cell phone “ring” and cause the lights to flash when a call comes in?


This would be great, and even better if they made it not just a trigger in the app, but extended it to an IFTTT option. Another work around that would work for us, outside of IFTTT would be able to import scenes from Wyze into Google Routines. Right now I’m not seeing anyway to get Google to acknowledge scenes, like for Wyze’s color bulb. But that’s less of an issue for us personally than say, getting the bulb to potentially flash when the doorbell detects motion.

We had a delivery recently where the delivery person just set the delivery on our porch. They didn’t even ring the doorbell. It is, at times easy to ignore a phone notification, especially since, in this case, all Wyze notifications have to have to same sound and you can’t set different sounds for different notification events. A flashing light tied to the doorbell would have helped to prevent the delivery from being ruined. While I in no way blame Wyze for the ruined delivery, but the delivery person, something as simple as being able to get a bulb flash would have helped mitigate the circumstances, for everyone. Smart home tech is supposed to not only make our lives easier, but also help us solve some of these annoying little problems.

This on top of the benefit it could have for those that are hard of hearing, or might have thick doors, walls, or distance that make the doorbell chime hard to hear.

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