Wyze Bulb Color and Alexa - Server is Unresponsive

Has anyone gotten Alexa to successful work with the new color bulbs.? I have added them to Alexa without a problem but then all I get is server is unresponsive. The Wyze app works perfectly fine. I want to use Alexa to put them on a schedule but it wont work because all it ever says in the Alexa App is server unresponsive. I know there is an option to set a schedule in the Wyze app but i don’t want to be using multiple apps to control my devices when it is supposed to work.

Welcome to the forums! Have you installed the Wyze skill yet in Alexa?

And yes, I control most my Wyze bulbs, white and color, with alexa.

Yes, I have enabled the skill.

I have the iPhone and iPad that I have been trying to use with WYZE products. I have the updates on the phone. I have the Alexa Skill added to my devices. Color bulb keeps coming back as Server unresponsive on apple products. I do not have android to test it and see if it works with android devices.
Is there a fix or known issue with Alexa on Apple that WYZE products do not work.
I am not able to get video to play with Alexa from cameras. I can not answer my door bell at this time with Alexa app.

I was finally able to get it to work. I had to unlink the skill from Alexa and then relink and it started to work after.

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