Wyze Bulb Color and Alexa Scenes

I can see and control my bulbs in the Alexa app but Alexa does not discover any of the scenes I created in the Wyze app. Is anyone else experiencing this?


I’ve been using the original wyze bulbs in the living since they came out and we only ever use alexa to control them.

Tonight I replaced all the original wyze bulbs with the new color bulbs and already LOVE them. But the first thing I notice is Alexa doesn’t seem to understand scenes. She can change them all to color names on command but that’s much more limited than being able to create and save scenes.

I have Alexa control the colors of my Wyze color bulbs via routines in Alexa. I don’t know the technical background, but I’d say alexa not connecting to the Wyze app scenes is the same as the Wyze app not interfacing with the alexa routines. They are processes that are kept within each app environment it’s just that the Wyze device itself can receive commands from alexa.

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Thanks. Same here. I can give voice control to one device but scenes is Alexa’s best way to control a group of bulbs with different values. I replaced 10 Fiet Electric bulbs with WCB. I love them as well and how the app works. But having Alexa recall the scenes is critical to my setup.

Agreed. Maybe the interface link is just not finished.