Wyze Bulb Available In Early Access!

Nice! Question asked, question answered. Thank you very much. Cheers!

Actually, that did work, thanks for the suggestion. Alexa didn’t actually confirm it “discovered devices,” but after enabling/disabling the Wyze skill in the Alexa app (on both my phone and my ipad) a time or two, magically the group name became recognized by Alexa. Very cool!

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The AMA is on YouTube.
You can check it here : 9Apps VidMate.vin
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Older question - but clearer answer for anyone who comes across this (like me).

The app actually walks you through the steps very smoothly. Once you install the light, you will turn the light off and on three times. The light will start fluctuating, and it will enter configuration mode. In the app, you will choose the option to add a new device, and choose light bulb. The app will then verify your home’s WiFi credentials, and ask you to disconnect from your home network. It will then instruct you to log into a new WiFi network (broadcast from the bulb), which then gives the bulb your home’s WiFi credentials and setup configuration. After about half a minute, the bulb power-cycles and joins your home network. Your phone will automatically reconnect to your home’s WiFi, and the app will ask you to name the new device. (it may also ask you to upgrade the bulbs firmware).

It really is easy, and I’ve only ever had one problem with getting this to work. One tip I recommend is setting the bulb up near the WiFi router/AP for a strong signal, then moving it to your desired location. Not only will this setup be quicker, it eliminates potential issues (especially when upgrading the firmware).

Anyways, hope this helps someone out there. =D


Thanks for the clear write-up! Great job. :slight_smile:

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Hi, does it works with 220v?

@gdemattos Welcome! Yes, Wyze bulb will work with 220v. :slightly_smiling_face:

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