Wyze Bulb Available In Early Access!

FINALLY!!! Can’t wait, mine arrive by Monday!

I just checked my order and it has not shipped yet.
When do you expect the other orders to ship…?

I just checked mine again, It went back to pick and pack :frowning:

Same here can’t wait till they show shipped.

I just got the confirmation of shipment

Finally, Order completed!


On Its Way to USPS

July 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

TACOMA, WA 98424.

Which I’ve seen take several days.

Order On Its Way To Virginia by UPS

My Bulbs In Transit arriving Tuesday 7-9-19

Just curious. I don’t have my bulb shipment yet. I know they are WI-FI…do they use the Zigbee wireless standard or something else?

Just got my Wyze Bulbs. I paired it with the Wyze sensor to automate my bathroom lights. Lights come on with motion and turn off when motion is no longer detected. Thanks Wyze for helping me build my smart home at an affordable price.

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They are just regular Wi-Fi, they do not use Zigbee or Z-wave

I know your pain. I’ve been waiting since Monday. UPS tracking said I would get them Monday, on Monday is when they transferred to USPS and now that’s been taking for ever.

I know it’s part of their business model, but it would be nice to choose /pay extra for a shipping option that wasn’t so vague. Got my fingers crossed for tomorrow…

1 Down, 1 More To Go!!
Now can’t wait to get home and connect them.

Got my 1st set of bulbs. They are awesome. Will Early Access buyers have a chance to buy more before the public on-sale?

Got my bulbs. They work great. Paired them up with Alexa and within minutes I’m controlling lights with voice commands. Nice. Question about where we would go to ask other integration questions…like: I’ve grouped two lights that are on the same switch/circuit. (I created a group both in the Wyze app and the Alexa app for these two bulbs). While I can tell Alexa to turn each light on and off independently via each light’s unique name, I have been unsuccessful in getting Alexa to recognize either the Wyze group name or the Alexa group name, hence when I try to tell Alexa to turn on/off the group of these two bulbs, it does not work. Alexa is not recognizing either its own or Wyze’s group names. Any suggestions of how to get this addressed? Thanks

Alexa recognizes my group name I set in alexa.
If you are having trouble Disable the wise skill and then re enable it That works For problems a lot of the time

Yes the Wyze Bulb will turn on with a switch and in order to program it you need to turn the switch on / off 3 times in order to put the bulb into program mode. You will see it go dim then brighter to show you its in program mode.
Very easy to set up and use

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Got my bulbs as well, haven’t installed yet.

Any idea when bulbs will be available again? Your price is hella right! :slight_smile:

Starts tomorrow official Wyze bulb launch for all. Shop through the Wyze app.