Wyze Bulb Available In Early Access!

Thank you, one less thing to worry about.

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You’re welcome! I hope that your move goes as smoothly as possible and that you love your new home. :slight_smile:

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How about a discount for the people that pre-ordered ? :grin:

Maybe it’s already asked but I couldn’t find it:

Can the Wyze Cam motion detection be used to trigger the Wyze Bulb on?

Yes, they demoed this functionality in the Wyze Bulb video, though I can’t find the full feature list posted anywhere yet:

I don’t think you will be able to activate the feature without the actual bulb, I could be wrong but I don’t think you would.

My apologies, I misread your question as “Can the Wyze motion detector be used to trigger the Wyze Bulb on”, when you were asking if the Wyze Cam can trigger it. I found the following in the Wyze Bulb FAQ that seems to indicate the “motion detected” event from a Wyze Cam can be used to trigger the Wyze Bulb:

Yes! Wyze Bulbs can be automated through the Shortcuts feature in the Wyze app, allowing crossover with all other Wyze devices that have a trigger function listed. This includes the Sense products (open/closed/motion/clear), as well as the Wyze Cams (motion detected).


@thequietman44 is correct. You can make this happen using Shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Pretty neat!

If not the case already, here is an idea: can the Wyze Cam be used as a photocell to define when it’s dark? I’m assuming there is probably some logic there already in order to turn on the nighvision lights (if they are not on all the time). That’s a trigger/condition that other devices could use.

All those that purchased Wyze bulb early access, should get speedy Wyze drone delivery. I think that is a bright idea. Pun was intended. :joy::joy: jk!

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I was hoping they would be delivered by Wyze Owls (like in Harry Potter) after all they should be light.


Hey, that sounds good to me. Lol :grin: After all, Owl we need is a Wyzebulb.

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I don’t know… But that’s a really cool idea! :smiley:


Just make a stand alone LUX sensor that is weather resistant so It can be used anywhere.

That was a useful feature of the old X-10 standard. The lamp modules would detect if a light was switched on and off twice in a short period of time, and would turn on.

You’re absolutely correct though, if these can’t be switched without access to the network and/or the mobile app they’re not suitable as primary lighting.

They can be switched without access to the network

If it does work, it will likely have half the amp load capability. So if you are at 10 amp @ 110V, you would likely be 5amp @ 220V. Something to be aware of.

Well, that’s good news since I preordered a box of them.

Are there any updates on when the bulbs will ship?