Wyze Bulb Available In Early Access!

Thank you!

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@PNGento, @Chief and @thequietman44 had great suggestions for overcoming the limitations of your hotspot. Another benefit of having a router setup as a wireless bridge is that you can have the router setup in a permanent, central location in your house where all your devices can reach it. Then the router will always be “looking” for your hotspot. So whenever you turn your cell hotspot on and off, the router will automagically connect and give your WYZE devices internet.
Also if you are looking for a good, cheap router to accomplish this, @thequietman44 had a great suggestion, but I personally would recommend the ASUS RTN12 over the GL.iNet. The Mini router is incredible, but in my experience it doesn’t have the range that most home routers have, and what you need for your setup. The RTN12 can be found on Amazon here and is currently only $29. It also has a SUPER EASY setup process that allows you to set it up as a wireless bridge. Its so easy my grandpa has done it to his hotspot. I definitely recommend it for your setup. But the mini router would be great too, if you want to bring the router with you. It’s really just about what you need more. PM me if you need some recommendations or suggestions.

Good morning! (@WyzeGwendolyn ) any news?

Hi @sidney.robin2! Sorry for the delayed response! My fault as we’ve been working hard on making sure our production run is on track! We are also working on some new features that will make the Wyze Bulb experience even better!

To your question: the username and password are on the Bulb as we have to connect to your WiFi network, but the password is encrypted. Additionally, when you delete the Bulb from your account we remove all user information.


Thank you, Mike! :slight_smile:

@WyzeMike and @WyzeGwendolyn Thank you!!

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Our pleasure! Thank you for your patience.

not a problem at all. I really appreciate you looking into it for us. have a great day!!

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You’re welcome! And I hope that you have a great day, too! :blush:

Has a ship date been set for the Wyze Bulb early access purchasers? I thought I saw that it would be in June, but was wondering if a target date has been set. Thanks.

It is planned for this month but we don’t have a public shipping date estimate yet. Still working on getting those ducks in a row. :slight_smile:

Any update as to when they will ship?

Can’t Wait for the bulbs. Been putting aside replacing on of the bulbs in the kitchen in hopes the bulbs ship soon lol!

Early Access users just got an email saying the bulbs are in production and shipping soon, so it won’t be long.

I also got the email, how long does it generally take? Reason for asking for more details, moving to new residence and don’t want to miss the arrival because of incorrect address.

I have no idea other than “soon” :slight_smile:. If you’ll be able to receive packages at the new address you could probably update your address with Wyze to the new one so they’re delivered there instead.

Thank you Wyze for all your hard work, innovation and fair pricing! It it recognized and so appreciated.
I’m very excited for the Wyze Bulbs too. (We love our cams) We pre-ordered 4. What are the chances we will receive (Southern California) them before July 14? We are taking a trip and hoping to have these up and running before then! Fingers crossed.

Please send me your order number and when you’re moving and I can take a look at the timing for you. If I think it’s at risk, we can update your address. :slight_smile:

@heffrey3, I think that your odds are good! And thanks for your kind words.

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Hi Wyzegwendolyn,

Thank you for your help, here is my order number:


And I will be moving first of August.

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You’re welcome! I can tell you that you should not have any problem getting your bulb on time. If you still haven’t seen it a week before your move, please let me know! But I would be VERY surprised.