Wyze bulb automation

hello there. my wyze bulbs work great when the monitor or camera senses motion. the shortcuts will not, however, have them turn off after 1 minute of no motion. basement stayed on all night. any recs?

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I also have this issue. I used a contact sensor to turn on the bulb and the setup a second shortcut and automation to turn off bulb 5 min after the door closes but it is staying on.

I had one set up to turn off after 15 minutes, it worked perfect for 2 days Now it doesn’t work ,Just stays on after Motion sensor Trips it on.
Also set one up last night With door sensor, turns on But it won’t turn off

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Detects a person event works great from camera.

But the camera needs a “been clear for” and “becomes clear” option, like the motion sensor

Because right now there is no way to turn the light back off when the camera is used to detect motion.

How far away is your wifi? It might be a poor signal. Also try uninstalling and reinstalling. I did with one bulb and it worked right away. I have some sensors so I’ll test it later tonight.

I have the same issue. It worked fine on day one, but now it will not turn them off after no motion detected for 2 minutes. I’ll try removing them and adding them back.

Let us know How that worked , if it made any difference

Currently you have to make a second shortcut to turn the light off after a time period. Hopefully they will integrate that option into one shortcut.


There is another thread where I brought up this same issue of the motion and contact sensors only working when “clear” or “closed”. And not working when using a delay. @HDRock agreed with another person (as do I) that we are dealing with a Wyze issue. It is either in the app or the bulb firmware. (Thank you, Caption Obvious.)

Has anyone opened a support ticket with Wyze about this issue? Or has someone from Wyze commented in some other thread? I’m hoping @WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeAnthony could give us their input.

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I’m having trouble turning on (and off) multiple bulbs at a time at a specific time. Posted elsewhere about the specifics.

Edit: Putting all the bulbs into a group and creating shortcuts that turn on or off the group has worked but not without delays of 2 minutes and 1 minute 45 seconds.

I use the bulb integrated with the motion sensor (not the motion on the cams) and works well except that it will turn off after one minute of inactivity and since you can’t control timing on the motion sensor I have to manually turn off the electric switch to keep the light off during the day. I tried IFTTT, Alexa and Google and haven’t found a way to make it work entirely on its own.


I set my bedroom light to turn on by automation at 11 PM every night. It worked perfectly for two nights, but now it has stopped turning on at the set time.

Another bulb I have setup with my door contact sensor when the door opens the light turns on. Check, that works every time. I set it up to turn the light off after the door closes in 15 seconds. This bulb too worked great for two days. But now it has stopped working too. After I close the door the light will not turn off automatically. It stays on.

This makes no sense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I will keep working on this problem and see if it keeps doing this or not. I hope it’s not a firmware bug. :beetle:

Whatever the problem is, it isn’t because we are not setting it up right, because it worked For a period of time. and it’s more than just a couple people
I tagged a wyzer but they didn’t respond to it yet


I agree, mine worked Friday and Saturday, then stopped Sunday. Hasn’t worked since.

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Yesterday I removed all bulbs and motion sensor and added them all back. It still didn’t work. This morning it appears to be working. I wonder if this is a server side issue?

I’d also like to see the “Set vacation mode” added to the Google Assistant interface.

Not that I don’t like the Wyze app, I do, but the whole idea of the google home integration is that i can have a single app to run ALL my smart things, from my Wyze products, to my simplisafe, to my Wemo, and more. So any device’s settings that are available in the Wyze app, should be made available in the google assistant.

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I got around that by building in timers, to turn the light off during the day every hour or so.
I wish the command, if bulb is on for more then X time do this work correctly!

Still playing with that, not sure if it is broke or not.

Up to this point, the light was on all day 24hrs a day 7 days a week(Kids) so I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Thank you all for notifying us of this issue! We identified an issue in our cloud service that was causing some users to have this problem. It’s being patched and should be back to normal. I apologize for the bug and appreciate you all bringing it too our attention!

Please continue to let us know if you see any issues and I hope you’re enjoying your Wyze Bulbs!


that’s why i do this! I’ve been a systems engineering test lead for 13 years. I live to “break” things. :wink:
Thanks for the quick response.


Thanks for the update! I’m glad it wasn’t just me doing something wrong.