Wyze Bulb - Auto dim/change color tone of light by time of day

Was thinking earlier how it would be nice to have a feature where I can allow the app to change the color tone based on local time of day. Similar to how the Dynamic Desktop wallpapers that support time-shifting work in macOS Mojave. My computer screen shifts from cool tones in daylight hours and warmer tones in the evening to save my eyes.

Example: I may enjoy a nice cool blue light at 4:30pm-5:00pm but as the sun sets in the fall it would be nice to have the bulb move to a warmer tone over a span of time until 7:00pm. Or even vice verse - to each their own but I think it would be a nice feature to investigate.

I see a lot of this being seasonal needs especially for folks in the PNW and other northern areas that have early sundown in fall/winter.

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This topic is covered (indirectly) here and is in development:

Once implemented, the restored rule action will allow scheduling of bulb color temp/brightness changes.

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