Wyze bulb and Alexa

Just got my Wyze Bulb early release order yesterday. Loved how easy they were to pair! Unfortunately, I have been unable to get Alexa to recognize light groupings like I have using my wink hub, ie: Alexa turn family room lights on (2 lights), or have Alexa turn all the lights on in the house off at once with a single command instead of have to say each bulb separately. Also something that I’m able to do from Alexa with other bulbs on my Wink hub is dim bulbs via voice command.
Are these features something that the talented Wyze crew are working to release on an update?

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Im not even able to get Alexa to discover the bulbs so right now Im relying on the Wyze app to turn them on and off. Not ideal since the kids usually use Alexa to control the lights around the house. They don’t have a Wyze app.

Hi HDanger. After I enabled the Wyze Skill on the Alexa app and asked her to find new devices, I did get a ‘no new devices found’, but when I actually checked connected devices in my Alexa app they were all listed.

I had to disable the skill and re-enable it. It found all five nee devices afterwards no problem.


I was unable to get Alexa to find my newly activated Wyze bulbs as well. And I rebooted the Echo Plus unit as one Wyze community member suggested, but still nothing. Then I remembered that when changing a parameter on a Wyze device, such as the name, I would need to re-link Wyze to IFTTT in order to use the IFTTT connection. So in the Wyze Skill in the Alexa app I selected “Disable Skill” and then “Enable Skill,” which required me to login to my Wyze account, and voila, all bulbs found and fixed.

I am now able to use my voice with Alexa to change the brightness on my Wyze bulbs individually (by individual name) or as a Group. What I cannot say is, “Alexa, change (bulb or Group name) to 3500 kelvin.” I can say, “Alexa, change (bulb or Group name) to Soft White, White, Daylight, or Cool White.”

Hope this helps!


Where did you find information on what commands to use With Alexa and the bulbs?

Like the color temp names? I don’t use Alexa but found the names when making a shortcut on the main page of the app.

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Oh, I see, I don’t have the bulbs yet they are somewhere in package never never land , Might be here tomorrow or next day

I just got mine today, a day later than what ups said. You’ll get em! I only had enought time to open the box and install one, now off to work. Had no time to play :frowning:

According to UPS They were supposed to be here today, not really worried about it I will get em when I get em

What’s another day or two when we’ve already been calmly waiting months for them already? :slight_smile:

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When you slide the color temperature slider in the Wyze app, the color group names pop up and hover, changing as you leave one group and enter the other. Being a photographer, I am familiar with kelvin temperatures, and so I told Alexa to change to a certain kelvin temperature, but she’s not programmed to do that. She can, however, change the temperatures to one of those group names.


UPS will deliver to your local post office and USPS will deliver to you. Its a bit misleading.

Yeah I know all about the goofy mail innovations baloney

@dannyjoe58 I’m still having problems getting Alexa to turn lights off or on by group. Did you use IFTT for this function?

I am not using IFTTT to turn off a Group. Within the Alexa App, I have individual bulb names (Lamp 1 and Lamp 2 (Wyze bulbs) and Lamp 3 (Hue bulb)) in my Living Room Group, for example. After I created my Group “Living Room” in the Alexa App, I just added those two Wyze bulbs and the Hue bulb to the “Living Room” Group. I can then just say, “Alexa, turn off/on/change the Living Room.” But I had to first disable the Wyze Skill, and then re-enable it.

Three questions:
1 - Did you create a Group first, and add the Wyze bulbs to that Group, before trying to control the bulbs in that Group?
2 - Did you add the Wyze Skill to your Alexa App?
3 - If you already had the Wyze Skill “Enabled” in the Alexa App (because you already had Wyze devices connected to Alexa), did you first “Disable” the Wyze Skill, and then “Enable” the Wyze Skill?

My Alexa App would not recognize the new Wyze bulbs, even though I had the Wyze Skill enabled. I had to first “Disable” the Skill and then “Enable” the Skill. I learned that from my experience connecting Wyze to IFTTT. Every time I changed a name for one of the Wyze devices that I’m using with IFTTT, I had to re-link Wyze to IFTTT in order for IFTTT to recognize it.

Hope this helps!

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Setting up with Alexa Went really smooth , I set up The bulb played with it for couple minutes Then ask computer to discover my devices it replied, I discovered one new device, Living room one, I told computer to turn Off living room one And it worked perfect.
I didn’t have to go into the Alexa app or Anything
Computer is the word I have set to wake up the echo dot
EDIT , I decided ,living room one , was too long changed it to , living one , And it still work Fine No problem

These commands work but not properly at all
because these commands were not working I went and disabled The skill and re enabled it ,These are the commands that work.

I had to do the same thing to get Alexa to recognize my new Wyze bulbs— disable the skill and then enable the skill anew. My Living Room bulbs are called “Lamp 1” and “Lamp 2.” I can control them individually or together as the Living Room group. I also have a Hue bulb in the kitchen. And although Alexa doesn’t allow putting the same bulb in two different Groups, I created a Skill to turn off all the Downstairs bulbs at the same time. “Alexa, Downstairs off.”

The bulbs were working from the get go but The commands were not working properly that I was using,
Then it was having trouble understanding when I said The name So I changed it from, living one , to , lamp one.
I’ve just been playing with one bulb so far.
Cool white is brightness and temperature at Max