Wyze Buds Pro power tools

Happy with the price.
Sound is great.
Mow the lawn, battery life is good.
ANC issues with super loud power tools: Very loud noises, from circular saw, weed wacker, can cause the circuit to distort and send harsh noise through the buds. I think I’m hearing the input overload.

Rather than a total freak out of the ANC circuit with ridiculously loud noises , I would suggest that ANC just shuts off if it senses a noise level it can not compensate.

The buds triggering a standard “ANC off” mode would be better than the circuit freaking out with super loud noises.



Welcome to the forum @guitarandbone.

I have actually experienced this as well when using my cordless weed trimmer and edger. Thanks for posting and validating what I have noticed as well.

Mostly when I am edging and the line hits a harder spot in the ground or the edge of the driveway or sidewalk. Its like a loud static skip.

I thought it odd the first couple of times I noticed it, but noticed the consistency this week and was about to post the experience in my first impression thread.

Could be worth raising to support.